Beauty: nail biting, how do you get rid of it?

Nail biting is an annoying habit and difficult to get rid of. There are some options that may help with this.

Cause and infections

The cause of nail biting is usually known; uncertainty, stress or frustration is the culprit for most people. Patches to smear the nails with a dirty substance, for example, never help for long. It is of course best to remove the cause, but the nails can look a lot more presentable in the short term. Realize that nail biting, in addition to something between the ears, also increases the risk of infections. Some biters go so far as to bite off the nail to the bed, which can cause infections of the fingers and permanent damage to the nail. Furthermore, those nails continuously enter the mouth and you ingest a lot of bacteria and dirt through the mouth. If the nail pieces are swallowed, they are not digested!

Tackle the nails

Start by tackling the nails and let the starting point be that your own nail now has the chance to grow and your hands will look well cared for again. There are nail salons that guide people in having nails. This sounds strange, but it isn’t. If you have always had chewed fingernails, it takes some getting used to suddenly having nails and they will quickly become damaged or break off. After all, you are not used to it.

Normal nails

There should be no wounds or tears near the cuticles. This has to heal first. When we start, the hands and nails must first be washed with disinfectant soap, dried thoroughly and then the cuticles can be tackled. Massaging loosely to achieve a healthy transition from the skin of the finger to the nail is important. This creates healthy growth without, for example, skin on the nail.
Then apply a nail bed lengthening gel. A short French manicure can now be made with artificial nails to give the nail a well-groomed appearance. Do not apply any length yet ( maximum length of the nail up to the end of your fingertip), because this is not (yet) useful. The nails grow quickly and they need to be touched up after about 1 week (check whether the nails are still in good condition, file if necessary, etc.). Depending on the speed of growth, regular checks are required.
The artificial nails that slowly grow away from the nail must have a natural progression to the own nail that grows underneath and this must be professionally touched up. Otherwise you run the risk of damaging your own nail again.
After approximately 1 month you can decide to keep the artificial nails or have them removed. Your own nail must then have grown sufficiently and with good care they can continue to grow quietly, be filed into the correct shape and, if desired, be given a color. To strengthen your own nail, certain lacquers can be applied, this can be done in consultation with the nail stylist. Discuss this, because it is not always necessary.


Experience shows that if the nail has a certain length and is well cared for, it is not likely to be bitten anymore and that was precisely the intention of the whole thing. news highlighted

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