A Rose as a tattoo

A tattoo of a rose can have many meanings. They depict life, birth, reproduction, death and rebirth. They are the embodiment of nature and the elements.

Red rose

The red rose tattoo is the most popular tattoo in the flower category, especially among women. But the rose tattoo is also very popular among men, because the rose has an important spiritual meaning in the Western world. It is considered the symbol of pure love in both worldly and religious contexts.
The design of the rose has many accepted traditional meanings that apply to body art. It became the floral symbol par excellence because of its scent and beauty. The red rose also represents the symbol of martyrdom. The rose is associated with Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The rose is often also worn as a tribute to a deceased loved one. If you are planning to have a red rose, it is important to know the meaning of the specific colors of the rose.

Various colours

  • A dark red rose represents unconscious beauty.
  • The red rose is for love, courage, beauty, respect and romance. A red rose tattoo on the buttock also represents pure and lovely.
  • Blue roses symbolize impossibility.
  • The coral rose is an indication of desire.
  • Black roses are the traditional representatives of death.
  • The white rose as a tattoo is the symbol of innocence, veneration, youth and purity.
  • A golden rose is an indication of success.
  • Black roses with thorns are also very popular as a tattoo.

The various versions of red roses as tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years in the West. This type of tattoo is the most intriguing in terms of history and symbolism. The rose is a traditional tattoo choice, and more popular than the orchid, lily, daisy or daisy tattoo. A tattoo of the lotus flower is probably the only tattoo that can be somewhat compared to a rose in terms of popularity. Artists from all over the world have made it a point to promote the flower as a tattoo. A rose tattoo is available in many different designs and sizes. You can incorporate the floral motif in combination with a heart or fairy or even a butterfly. It can also be combined with a Celtic bracelet, a dagger, a cross or even a tiger. Whatever the choice, choose what suits you.

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