What is an “aura”?

There is a lot of talk about auras in the spiritual world. Some people find it abracadabra and others find it very interesting, but what is it and how does it work?

What is an aura?

The literal translation is astral matter around the body. Everyone has it and in images of Christ and other saints these auras are often represented by a ray of light around the head or soft light in the background around the body. The bottom line is that it is a kind of multi-layered energy field that surrounds the body.


The clairvoyants can observe the colors of the aura around someone, but a method has also been developed to photograph auras and therefore make them visible to everyone. At the fairs about the spiritual there is always someone who can take these photos. Realize that these methods are not scientifically proven.

To colour

What colors are there and what does it mean. The colors can vary greatly and depend on the mood you are in (think of emotion, feeling, possible pain, etc.).

Bright red

Energy, activity, courage, warmth, vitality, emotionality, temperament, materialism, sexuality.

Dark red

Decisiveness, will, possessiveness, animalistic, anger, annoyance, leadership nature, courage, anger, unsafe feeling.

Dark brown

Selfishness, lovelessness, earthbound, dependence, disease, destruction.


Vitality, creativity, intelligence, loyalty, constructive, self-confidence, zest for life, warmth, sensitivity, health.


Intellect, intuition, mental development, ego, social skills, strong personality.

Dark yellow

Distrust, envy, hate longer instincts, tension.

Bright green

Balance, commitment, self-control, growth, change, surrender, peace, love, spiritual development.

Dark green

Self-righteousness, treacherous

Bright blue

Introvert, loving, peace, deepening, detachment, wisdom, loneliness, truth, dedication, stability, intuition, authority


Mediumship, healer, goodness, closed-mindedness, seriousness, caution.


Spiritual development, intuition, mysticism, magic, paranormal ability, faith, fantasy, wisdom

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