Vitamin Inositol: prevents hair loss, lowers cholesterol

The vitamin Inositol belongs to the unnumbered B vitamins. Many people are not aware of the natural healing and constructive effect of vitamins. For example, research has shown that Inositol can reduce or even stop hair loss and that Inositol can offer an alternative for people who want to get rid of Valium or Librium. Inositol also helps to lower cholesterol, partly thanks to its fat-regulating effect.

Inositol as a cholesterol lowering agent

The most important characteristic of Inositol is that its effect is fat-regulating. Thanks to Inositol, fat is dissolved and fat does not deposit in the veins. This prevents cardiovascular disease. In collaboration with the B vitamin Choline, Inositol significantly reduces cholesterol levels. You automatically get the Choline when you add Lechtine granules to your diet, which means you get Choline and Inositol at the same time in good concentrations. These vitamins cannot be harmful to the body so it never hurts to experiment with them. In addition, there are many other benefits that vitamins offer in keeping the veins clean and encouraging fat burning. That is why I also recommend taking a multivitamin complex at the same time, in addition to a varied diet.

Inositol as a tranquilizer

Inositol may help people affected by their current chemical tranquilizers. In doses of 1 gram or more, inositol is just as effective as Valium, meprobamate or librium. There are no unwanted side effects or breakdown in the body. Doses of 2 to 3 grams are helpful for people who have problems sleeping and help lower blood pressure slightly.

Inositol combats baldness and stimulates hair growth

According to research by dietician and chemist Adelle Davis, Inositol can prevent baldness in many cases. Most balding men who Adelle gave this vitamin to supplement their diet no longer showed hair loss. For some, it even caused their hair to grow again. There is also a single case of a graying man who grew black hair in some places after a diet with Inositol. Since Inositol does no harm, it is always worth trying if you suffer from hair loss.

Other indications

”There are not yet proven indications that Inositol also has a positive influence on a number of organs. The concentration of Inositol is remarkably high in the semen, brain and heart muscles. This seems to indicate that Inositol is good for the heart and circulation, reproduction and memory. However, these are speculations and should not be the reason to start using Inositol. It is just an indication that Inositol is probably even more effective over a broader spectrum than what is known so far.”


This vitamin works best within a vitamin B complex with lechtin granules as a supplement and source of Inositol and Choline. Pure Inositol tablets are difficult to obtain in the Netherlands.

The nutrition center

According to the nutrition center, there is no reason to take inositol because the body can produce inositol itself. The official website of the nutrition center states the following:

Inositol is sometimes referred to as a vitamin, but it is not because the body can make this substance itself. This substance occurs in the body and plays a role in fatty acid metabolism, among other things.
”There are no known deficiencies and there is no reason to use a supplement with inositol. Because it is not known whether too much can be harmful, the use of supplements with inositol is not recommended.


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