Positivity from now on!

Everyone is busy and running ahead of themselves. If for whatever reason there is a hitch, there is a good chance that you will fall into a deep hole. How can you turn things around for the better?

From negativity to positivity

The heart feels cold, unloving and heavy and the negative spiral / train of thought you are in is easier to maintain than making an effort and working on yourself and being open to new stimuli, sounds, influences.
It is sometimes explained that negative thoughts cause negative vibrations and these vibrations find their way through the ether. The search and finding of unity in this context reinforces the negative perspective. This is how the law of attraction and repulsion works. Everything you send out, you get back.
The popular The Secret, which came over from America, is based on this. Apart from all the stories that come with it, taking a positive approach and sticking to it is a point that forms a basis.
It is important to create the right people around you. You should leave behind people who constantly cost energy and never give energy. This sounds harsh, but such an energy guzzler uses up your energy and does not give any energy back. So the balance is not there. People around you with whom you form a balance make it easier if you want to initiate your own change process.

Make choices and take action

As long as you can think as a human being, you can make choices. Choices in life: what you want, what you don’t want, etc.
First find for yourself what you are negative about. Some examples:

  • Work substantively
  • Colleagues
  • Partner
  • Friends
  • Home
  • Rut
  • Obligations

It could be anything, but as long as you don’t find out what causes it, you cannot break the negative spiral.
Once you know what is causing the problem, the next step must be taken. Saying goodbye to what causes the negativity. Once you have done this, it can give you a liberating feeling. You will then lose the burden that weighs on your shoulders. This gives you space to think about what you want, what makes you happy and how you actually want to organize your life and are going to do it now.
Of course this won’t happen within a few days. Take the time to think things through carefully before making your choices. Someone close to you who provides support will help in such a process. It’s hard enough to leave behind things that are so normal or, as I mentioned before, easy to resign yourself to.
But if you have already reached the point where the choices have been made, you are far along in the process. Final step to positivity it is the ultimate step. Good luck!

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