Newspaper nails, super cool and original way of nail art

A new and popular trend among nail arts is Newspaper Nail Art! Try it now and go through your day in an original way. Newspaper nails are easy to make and are also striking and original. We often like special Nail Art, but we don’t have an expensive nail studio or a lot of time for it. These newspaper nails offer the right solution for this!

What do you need?

  • light base color nail polish, think of white or beige
  • base coat (top coat)
  • a small bowl or cup
  • pure alcohol 70% (available at Kruidvat)
  • pair of scissors
  • newspaper (printed)
  • cotton pads or cotton swabs
  • nail polish remover


To work

  1. Apply the base coat (top coat) to your nails and wait until they are dry
  2. Once they have dried, apply the nail polish color
  3. Take the container or a cup and fill it with the pure alcohol
  4. Cut a piece of newspaper for each nail, the size of your nail
  5. Place a piece of newspaper in the container with alcohol and let it float for a while
  6. Remove the piece of newspaper from the container and let it drip briefly on the edge of the container or cup
  7. Dip your finger with the nail at the bottom of your finger briefly into the alcohol
  8. Place the piece of newspaper on your nail and press it firmly, also on the sides. Make sure the piece of paper does not slide to prevent the letters from becoming blurry
  9. After about 30 seconds you can remove the piece of newspaper from your nail and the text from the newspaper will be on your nail
  10. Now carefully apply another base layer (top coat) over your nail, so that the text will stay in place and not become blurry
  11. With a cotton swab and some nail polish remover you can neatly remove the remains of nail polish along your nail.
  12. Now repeat this on all nails

Et voila, beautiful original newspaper nails!

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