Pregnancy and health

You want to try to get pregnant! It is important that you prepare well for pregnancy, both man and woman. This increases the chance of conception, but also of normal, healthy sperm and good eggs. Finally, this also protects the fetus against abnormalities during the first crucial weeks after conception. For most couples it takes about six months before conception , or fertilization , is successful. However, this can also take much longer, depending on several factors. In two-thirds of couples who remain unintentionally childless , this is usually the woman’s fault. In 1/3 of the cases this is the man’s fault. Health is therefore very important for both partners with regard to the desire to have children.

Smoking and pregnancy

Women who smoke have an increased risk of infertility and, on average, take longer to get pregnant. In addition, they are more likely to experience miscarriage or bleeding during pregnancy . If both parents smoke, there is certainly a risk of the baby’s birth weight being too low .

Drugs and pregnancy

If the woman not only smokes but also drinks during pregnancy, the chance of a miscarriage is four times greater than normal! Alcohol also damages sperm , reducing the chance of conception. Using drugs during pregnancy results in serious problems for the child in areas such as language control, reading skills, impulse control and visual attention tasks.


The influence of smoking and drinking during pregnancy is greatest at the beginning of pregnancy , when cell division takes place most rapidly. It is therefore strongly recommended to stop smoking and drinking when trying to become pregnant. If you have had an unplanned pregnancy , stop smoking and drinking as soon as you know you are pregnant.

Coffee and tea

Tea and coffee have the property of removing moisture from the body. For this reason, drink it as little as possible. Coffee and tea also remove important, valuable minerals from the body.


Unfortunately, everyone regularly comes into contact with harmful and toxic substances in everyday life. This is especially bad for pregnant women. Just think of the 4.5 liters of pesticides that are sprayed on average on fruit and vegetables.


Lead can damage sperm and eggs. It affects motility and sperm count. Lead multiplies when the body is deficient in calcium, manganese or iron. Vitamin C has a positive influence on lead, because it removes lead.


Mercury from pesticides and dental fillings reduces libido and eventually leads to impotence.


Aluminum, which is found in pans, deodorant, aluminum foil and various pesticides, eventually causes a mineral deficiency and destroys valuable minerals.

Essential nutrients for men and women




Result of shortage

Vitamin A

Healthy sperm

Egg production, reproductive health

Colds, infections, bad skin and hair

B vitamins (including folic acid)

Production of male hormones

Prevent neural defects in the fruit

Irritability, anxiety and pain

Vitamin C

Increases sperm count and quality

Strengthens immune system, detoxifies the body

Colds, infections, lethargy


Increases sperm count and quality

Egg production, reproductive health

Bad skin, taste and smell

Other minerals

More sperm cells (mageniesium), more mobile sperm cells (potassium), fertility (selenium)

Reproductive health (magnesium), detoxifies the body (selenium), balances blood sugar levels (chromium)

Muscle relaxation (magnesium), apathy (potassium), nutritional disorders (selenium)

Amino acids

Sperm health, sperm count

Create and repair cells and tissues

Muscle relaxation, poor wound healing

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