Relationship problems? Tips from Gabrielle!

What should you do if you feel unhappy, are not understood by your partner, and jealousy arises? Many people suffer from relationship problems. From my and others’ experience, I can hopefully answer all your questions. I hate divorces myself, that’s why I want to help other people by giving tips.

Sustaining a relationship

A relationship must grow and last. It takes patience and dedication. In a relationship there must be tension, space, communication, attention, confirmation or recognition. Suppose: A woman prepares a nice meal, takes care of the children, cleans the house and has a little time to make herself beautiful for her husband, but he never compliments her on how well she does all this , how well she tried. Then she gets the feeling that she is receiving no recognition, no confirmation. This can be very depressing in the long run and can sometimes trigger jealousy if she happens to see her husband talking to another woman, no matter how innocent it may be.

Jealousy in women

Jealousy often arises from a lack of attention and recognition. Not giving compliments is also part of this. There are women who experience it as life-threatening if her husband maintains good friendly contact with another woman. People often see a relationship as an exclusive bond, with no room for a third party. Not even in thoughts or fantasies. Sometimes the faithful partner suspects the other person’s adulterous thoughts and the faithful partner feels affected in her self-esteem and respect. Women need safe security and this is taken away as soon as things happen that are beyond their control.
Jealousy is generally common among women. Women often compare themselves with others to see who is prettier , has longer hair and whether she can be competition for her. Jealousy can be very damaging emotionally. Usually also for the partner and it can affect the relationship. But this is especially harmful for the woman herself. You don’t want to be jealous, but it just happens and you’re left with it, you don’t know how to deal with it.
The question is: is there really a reason to be jealous? Only listen to your heart. Don’t let someone else speak for you. Have you seen for yourself that your partner is unfaithful, or are these just thoughts, dreams or suggestions? Are there people around who make statements about your husband that make you think? Are there people around you who have had bad experiences with relationships and who want to change your mind? Keep a little distance from these people, or give them good advice, but always listen to yourself! Think about the positive things in life, about the things you love and absolutely do not listen to negative statements or thoughts. It could be a cheat!
You always have to wait and see what life has in store for you. If you have seen for yourself, or if your partner has acknowledged, that he has been unfaithful, then so be it. Such is life, full of surprises, this is called fate. Then you should discuss together what you are going to do with life, or whether you want to continue with this. But…nothing is certain if you don’t see it yourself! My motto is: It’s not true until proven otherwise.

Limitations in a relationship

In a relationship, limitations are often imposed on each other. This is possible, but in moderation! A relationship is about give and take. It is very important to communicate well with your partner, to explain why you think it is important to do what you like. Consultation plays a major role in this. It is very good to count to 10 before explaining your feelings to your partner and to find the right words for this. Otherwise, write them down on paper for yourself first. Men often feel a conversation about relationships as whining. So it’s about how you present this. Write a note to yourself to check to make sure the words don’t come across as offensive or whiny. This really helps!
It is very important to choose a quiet moment for a conversation. If your partner just got back from work, he probably doesn’t feel like talking about love and relationships. Make sure you are calm when you broach the subject, this will have a calming effect on your partner. Don’t start crying when you start talking about a sensitive subject, because this can be seen as hysterical by a man and the conversation will quickly end.

How do I deal with stress in my relationship?

Stress is a common aspect. Sometimes it feels like your head is about to explode and you want to get away for a while. Stress can have various causes, work can require a lot of energy from you or sometimes you just don’t feel good about yourself. This can also cause problems in relationships. There are many people who break up because of stress. Stress is also ‘contagious’ as I call it. If you are stressed and show it clearly, your partner will easily take over, which is why arguments often arise. Communicate with each other in a reasonable tone and explain to each other that you don’t want to talk or don’t feel like doing something because you are stressed. It is a simple explanation and easy to understand for the other person.
Then try to understand each other, if you want your partner to have some rest, give him some rest. Try to solve the problems together, because I see 2 people in a relationship as 1 person. So that means: solving everything together, discussing and consulting. Make sure you also have something to do for yourself from time to time, when he wants some rest, so that you are not always dependent on the conversations you normally have with your partner. Yes, of course you also need time for yourself every now and then!
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The purpose of this article is to make people happy and to help people!

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