Avoiding Stomach Problems: Tips for Eating Slower

Stomach problems such as stomach pain and stomach tension occur in a large part of the population. Because we are so busy, there is little time to enjoy our food in peace. Stress and busyness are therefore an important cause of eating too quickly without chewing enough. This makes the abdomen tense and stomach problems can arise. Supplements such as chewable tablets for the stomach (e.g. Gaviscon) can possibly provide relief from the complaints. Eating more slowly is also important to avoid stomach complaints. What tips can help with this?

Stomach complaints

A lot of people sometimes suffer from stomach pain or other stomach problems. Stomach problems can vary greatly in intensity from person to person. Some people already have stomach problems in a stressful situation, while others only get stomach pains if they have eaten too fatty or spicy food. Stomach problems can have various causes.

Stomach problems: causes

  • stomach inflammation
  • stomach ulcer
  • stress
  • eating too quickly
  • side effect of medications


Eating too quickly

People often think that stomach pain is related to an underlying physical problem, such as an illness or condition. That may be the case, but an often underestimated cause of stomach problems is eating too quickly, without chewing enough . Many people are too agitated or stressed when they sit down to eat, and cannot relax enough when starting the meal.

Distraction while eating

Due to the increasingly fast-paced society, people take less and less time to eat quietly. Television, the internet or Facebook lure us and we don’t have the patience to wait until our plate is empty. Some people use the internet while eating while the television is on. This is very tiring because the stomach needs blood supply to digest the food, while the brain also requires blood to take in information. Just ignore the flow of information for a while, posting that message on your social network can wait a while.

Why is slow eating healthy?

Chewing is a movement of the jaws that makes food smaller so that it can pass more smoothly through the esophagus to the stomach. The more work the teeth and jaws do, the more energy the stomach can have to digest the food. The food that we chew is swallowed in a ball shape after which it goes to the stomach for further digestion. The less you chew, the more extra work the stomach has to do, which can cause you to experience a heavy feeling. This can cause a stomach problem.

Eating slower: tips

Relax before meals

First of all, it is important to relax when you sit down to eat. In someone who is stressed, abdominal tension can occur, giving you the feeling that your stomach is blocked. This means you cannot eat in peace and certainly cannot digest it.

Avoid distractions

Therefore, try to avoid external influences that could disrupt your mealtime: turn off the television, leave your PC or smartphone aside for a while, and put on some quiet music. Not being online for a while is not a disaster; on the contrary, it can make it easier for you to enjoy your food and digest it better.

Drink little during the meal

Try to drink only after a meal: drinking during a meal can make you feel bloated, which will make you eat less relaxed. Give your stomach time to gradually digest everything on its own and only flush after the end of the meal.

To enjoy

Make the meal a goal in itself: take the time with your partner or with the whole family, and have a nice time. Enjoy the tastes and smells of the prepared meal together and tell each other what you think.

Supplements for the stomach

In addition to the above tips, you can also take medicines or supplements to protect your stomach from problems. Some classic stomach medications treat heartburn and stomach pain. These remedies can facilitate digestion and are available as chewable tablets, syrup or melting tablets.
Some examples of efficient stomach remedies include:

  • Zantac
  • Gaviscon
  • Rennie


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