Changes in energy level

Throughout the day we gain energy or something costs energy and that is inherent to the (life) process. There is nothing wrong with that, unless you let your energy leak. How do you manage your energy level properly and deal with energy leaks?


If you do what you feel comfortable with, you feel surrounded by good energy and you can really enjoy yourself, then it is easier to keep your energy level up. However, this does not apply to all people and cannot always be avoided.
If you can create the ideal environment, you can alternate intensive moments with moments of rest and your energy level will remain good. But for example , the wrong environment (and that can also be people) can drain your energy in no time. Or when you don’t feel good about yourself, things can just go wrong.

Your energy in the drain

There are people who almost literally suck the energy out of you and they do not always do this consciously. Yet the people who, no matter what the conversation is about, focus on themselves are potential energy suckers. Everyone knows them, the man or woman you are talking to and before you know it the conversation is about them. Often you don’t even know where the conversation has turned and that is also the art of the energy sucker.

Energy guzzler

The type of person cannot be described in one type, but you can often see that they are people who like to have attention focused on them. And that could be based on how successful he/she is (or says he/she is), but it could just as well be about all kinds of illnesses and aches and pains. It doesn’t matter, as long as this person is the center of attention and it really is an art how he/she can turn the conversation. By reversing the process, they are supplied with energy. Energy that can be used for a while.

How to arm yourself


Start at the beginning and that means that you are well grounded. Literally and figuratively keep both feet on the ground. Although it is literally still possible for most people, it is figuratively a lot more difficult for many people. Make sure you breathe well, that is, fill your lungs deeply and exhale well in peace. Your breathing should above all be calm. Stand or sit with your feet flat on the ground and ensure that the energy is, as it were, absorbed from the ground through your feet. Feel it in every fiber of your body. Allow energy that you do not need to slowly flow back into the earth and continue to do so.


As a conversation partner, sooner or later you will have to deal with the man or woman who takes the energy out of you. Turning your back on your conversation partner is not always possible, for example when it concerns a situation within your work. You can arm yourself against it. You actually do this in advance and this means that you take into account that a kind of protective layer will be placed around you. One person visualizes that he/she is in a kind of cocoon and the other invents a transparent layer of foam rubber. Whatever you come up with, as long as it protects you.


If you want to draw someone’s attention to his/her behavior, you have to be in a good position. It is also important that you can put into words what he/she does, what it feels like as a conversation partner and what the effect is. This still doesn’t guarantee that what you want to say will get through, but you should at least put it back. If it’s someone you deal with more often, keep doing it. And if you don’t necessarily have to deal with this man/woman, avoidance is useful. This type of person often does not adapt, because being the center simply gives him/her that necessary energy. If you confront someone, it is also good to protect yourself, because he/she can easily put it back or at least try to do so.

Distributing energy

If it’s not the person that takes the energy out of you, it could also be the environment. If it is an environment that you cannot simply turn your back on, you will have to think of something else. Start with awareness of the energy in your body and distribute this energy. So if you have different things to do, you use some of your energy, instead of diving headfirst into something. So dose.
Also make sure you have some moments between different things you have to do. If the environment costs you energy, you can never completely prevent it, but with small breaks between the different tasks, you can regain energy. You gain energy by walking to, looking at, feeling, listening to, etc. something that gives you energy. For example, walking outside into nature at the office can be difficult, but make sure you take a break for that moment. While one person gets energy from a beautiful work of art on the wall, the other reads or watches something on the internet that gives him/her energy. If all this is not sufficient, build that moment outside. Most people can clear their heads when they are outside. This could be an office courtyard, a beautiful roof terrace or if you are lucky, the office is located near a beautiful piece of greenery. Make sure your agenda provides space.


There are also stones that can help you keep your energy with you in your process. Consider, for example, rock crystal . It is a power stone that heals, it strengthens your development on different levels such as emotionally, mentally but also physically. Besides being beautiful , Tourmaline is also a discharger and cleanser for the body. Furthermore, this stone also protects the body.


One person cannot do anything with it and allows his/her energy to disappear, the other tries to arm himself against the energy leaks. When you use the power of your body, you use nature. Other than some serious time, it costs nothing. Ideal!

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