Tips against perspiration

Sweating, a natural thing, but no one likes it. You feel dirty, you have wet spots under your armpits, and worst of all, it can even smell. Below are tips to prevent sweating.

Good hygiene

Make sure you’re clean. Try to shower every day, and if it is very hot, try showering several times a day. Put on clean clothes every day. Wash your clothes every day, especially in warm weather.

Use a good deodorant

There are many different types of deodorant for sale. Don’t immediately grab the cheapest one, but think about which one you need. Do you suffer from odors? Or do you suffer more from perspiration? A deodorant mainly works against bad odors and an antiperspirant combats body fluids and body odors.

Your clothes

Do not wear clothes that are too tight or too small. Try to make sure it is comfortable. Go for looser and looser clothing. Here you get hot much less quickly and the clothing does not feel stuffy. Because the clothes are a bit looser, perspiration will also be less likely to settle on your clothes. There is more space between your skin and the clothing.

Light colors

Dark colors absorb heat and retain heat. Light clothing provides a cool and fresh feeling. Think of white, light gray, beige, pastel colors. Nice summer!

Natural material

Cotton and linen allow the body to breathe. Synthetic clothing can give a suffocating feeling. So try to wear natural material as much as possible, this also applies to your underwear and socks.

Armpit pads

Armpit pads protect your clothing against moisture stains. This way you will keep feeling fresh for longer. It is best to use this on clothes that are not easy to wash.

Your feet

It is important to give your feet enough fresh air. You can achieve this by wearing slippers or sandals.
Your feet sometimes start to smell after wearing sneakers and sneakers. You can prevent this by always wearing clean, cotton socks. You can also buy products to combat odors.

Food and drink

Certain types of food make you sweat more or make you smell stronger. Think of spicy food or garlic. Coffee can also contribute to this. Try to avoid these, especially in warm weather. Do drink enough water.

Pay attention to the weather

Don’t do extreme things in temperatures you are not used to. Don’t demand too much of yourself. Adjust your pace and rhythm to the warm weather.

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