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Apps are applications that you can download on your smartphone. They come in all shapes and sizes, but more and more apps are appearing that have something to do with health. For example, you have apps that help you lose weight and apps that guide you to live a healthier life. Diets via apps discuss various apps that help you lose weight. Below you will find some apps that help you live a healthier life.

Food guide app

Many people would like to eat healthier, but they don’t know how to get started. The food guide application can help with this. The app scans your agenda and depending on the activities found (meeting, fitness, etc.) you will receive personal nutritional advice. During 2 weeks you will receive eight tips that are adapted to your activities. After these two weeks, your agenda will be scanned again and you will receive new nutritional tips. The app also provides information about how you can improve your lifestyle.

Label guide app

The Nutrition Center’s label guide is intended to help you know exactly what you are buying. For example, you can find all E numbers there. When you buy foods, you will find a lot of information on the label, but what does all this information mean? When should it be stated that a product contains caffeine? Is a product organic or not? With this app you decide smarter what you buy.

Fish guide app

The Viswijzer assesses fish, crustaceans and shellfish from the Netherlands on sustainability. Four categories are distinguished: MSC ecolabel, green, orange and red. If you buy fish from the green category or with the MSC eco-label, you can be sure that it has been farmed and caught in a sustainable manner. Red category fish are likely to have been overfished or caught in a way that is harmful to nature. So you can easily look up which fish you can buy with confidence.

BMI calculator app

With the BMI calculator app you can easily calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) by entering your weight and height. You have the option to do the calculation in cm or inches and kg or lbs. The result of the calculation shows you whether your weight is correct, whether you are underweight or overweight. There is also a calculation formula for children, you can save all results and display them in a graph.

Crunch Fu app

If dieting is not enough for you, but you also want to train tight abdominal muscles, you can download CrunchFu for a small fee. This app gives you instructions on how to properly perform the suggested exercises and also keeps track of how many abdominal exercises you have already done. You can choose between the pre-programmed exercises from the app or you can do your own exercises. You can even hold competitions with other practitioners.

Fitness Pro app

The Fitness Pro app allows you to create a completely personalized fitness program for yourself. In a library with more than 350 photos you can choose from the most interesting exercises for you. You can also choose from preset training schedules. If you would like to train a specific part of your body (abdominal muscles, arm muscles, etc.), you can see which exercises are most suitable for this via the Anatomy tab.

Runkeeper app

Runkeeper app is an application that records your running times based on GPS and a system clock in your smartphone. In addition to the running time, you can also save the distance, heart rate, speed, running route and calories consumed. It is also possible to play music while you exercise and you can follow predetermined training schedules. You can also use Runkeeper for sports other than running. You can also keep track of your times, distances, speed while cycling, rowing, skiing, scootering. The app would be slightly less suitable for swimming. You can keep track of all your times and monitor your progress via the website. You can share your results with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Sleep cycle app

The Sleep Cycle app analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up at a time that suits you. You place your iPhone next to your pillow and set the time you want to wake up. The different sleep phases are registered based on the movements you make during your sleep. Half an hour before the wake-up time you set, the app starts to analyze whether you are in a light sleep phase. If this is the case, you will be woken up with soft music. The application also keeps track of your sleep data in a graph.

Sun power app

Being exposed to strong sun rays too much and for too long is not good for your skin. It increases the risk of skin cancer. That is why an app was developed that warns you if your skin is at extra risk of burning due to strong sunlight. The app determines your skin type based on 6 questions that you have to answer. In addition to yourself, you can record the skin type of 9 other people in your iPhone. Then you place your iPhone in the sun and press a button to measure the sun’s strength. You will then receive advice adapted to the skin types you have saved.

Nivea Sun sundial app

This app is similar to the Sun Power app: you receive information about the intensity of the sun’s rays. The difference is that you have to enter a location (via your GPS or the place you want to go) and based on this location you will be shown which factor of sunscreen you should use. The Nivea Sun sundial receives the sun’s power via MeteoVista. You must of course enter your skin type, together with that of other people accompanying you. The application also warns you how long you can sunbathe before it becomes dangerous. A timer tells you when to seek shade.

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