Age difference in love

It has been scientifically proven that women like older men. It also appears that men prefer younger women. But does love also overcome the age difference in practice?

“Age plays no role, love conquers all”

It is often said as a cliché in a relationship, but it does have a grain of truth. You enter into a relationship when there is mutual attraction and shared interests. Personal character traits such as humor, understanding, social sense and sense of responsibility weigh much more heavily than age.
Age is just one way people are divided into groups.
It does n’t matter at all how many years apart you are.
Some things that are important:

  • Are you in the same age phase?
  • Do you have shared interests?
  • Do you have the same experience?
  • Are you on the same wavelength?


Stumbling blocks

In a relationship with a large age difference, discussions can arise about the desire to have children. This can be a stumbling block if he considers himself too old, while she would like to see him as a father.
It also happens the other way around and then the problem is often greater: if she is too old, while he would like to have children.
Other stumbling blocks may be that the older person does not have enough stamina. For example, he wants to go out again, but she does not feel like it and would rather rest.
In addition, the elderly undergo many changes, such as health problems, declining sex drive, menopause and reduced vitality, which can cause problems.

Theoretical situations

Every relationship is different and unique. Just as every person is unique.
And in practice things don’t always go according to theory.
Below are some theoretical situations.

He is older than her

This is most common in couples, you should just ask around.
The man is often a few years older than the woman.
But it also happens that he is many years older than her.
Scientists explain it because men like to have a young woman so they can act as a father figure. And the woman wants to rejuvenate herself because of this. Being in a relationship with a much younger woman exudes sexual power and earns admiration from other men. The woman sometimes also prefers an older man because of his good economic and social position. Older men have often already made a career and thus offer security. In addition, the older man is also experienced in bed and is therefore less rushed.

She is older than him

This is less common. In theory, it gives women a new security, a new step in their lives. They feel great again and therefore look extra attractive. For her it is a new adventure in her life.

Pros and cons


  • Young partners keep you young at heart and energetic
  • Young partners encourage you to gain new experiences
  • Older partners provide (financial) security and space to develop further
  • Older partners have more life experiences and have found balance
  • Older partners provide a sense of security



  • Younger partners have less feeling for ‘the past’, so there is a generation gap
  • Older partners have less feeling for time-related topics
  • Difference in experience, perception and memories
  • Difference in vitality, sex drive and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Older partners are more likely to have health problems
  • The desire to have children is more difficult to realize
  • Negative reactions from the environment


In practice

If there is enough connection with each other in a relationship, a large age difference is not a problem. Empathizing with the other person’s situation is an important task. If there is a bush block, ensure there is a good intermediate path.
Small shared things can do wonders:

  • The daily conversations
  • Sharing the tasks and care
  • Spending time together
  • Undertake social activities
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