Making soap chains for children’s parties

Do you want to organize a creative party for your birthday child? Then organize a soap party! During this party the children can make their own soap chain. Soap chains have been very popular lately. You can hang them anywhere in the house and they smell wonderful. The children can make them in their favorite scent and color so that they can all take home their own soap necklace at the end of the day.

Soap chains

A soap chain is intended as a home decoration. They are often hung in the toilet or bathroom, but they also look beautiful in a living room or bedroom. Lately, soap chains have become a real trend, they are hanging everywhere. The soaps have a scent, so the soap chain ensures that the room where it hangs smells nice. Soap chains can be made in all kinds of colors and scents. Furthermore, charms or large pendants are often used to make the necklace stand out. Wicker hearts, for example, are very popular as pendants.


Of course, you need materials to make soap chains. The most important thing you need is soap. There are soaps for sale that are specially made for soap chains. These soaps already have a certain shape, scent and color. This is easy, but less fun than when you can determine the scents and colors yourself. It is therefore advisable to make your own soaps using glycerin soap, fragrances and colorants and a mould. To melt the glycerin soap you also need a measuring cup, a piece of foil and a microwave. There are many types of soap molds, but ice cube molds with a nice figure can also be used. In addition to the soap, you will need wax cord or nylon thread, beads, ribbon and possibly a charm or pendant.

Children’s party

In principle, making soap chains is suitable for children of different ages. The younger the children are, the more guidance they will need. It is therefore advisable to use ready-made soaps with young children instead of pouring the soap yourself. Older children can easily do this themselves.

Pouring soap

Make sure there are enough measuring cups for the children, preferably one per child. The children can now cut their own soap into small slices and put them in the measuring cup. When the measuring cup is covered with a piece of foil, the soap can be heated in the microwave. After a few seconds the soap will melt. Once the soap has completely melted, remove the measuring cup from the microwave. The children can then choose a dye and a fragrance and stir them into the soap with a spoon. You only need a few drops of fragrance and coloring per hundred grams of soap. When the soap is well mixed, it can be poured into a mold. The drying time is approximately twenty minutes. In the meantime, the children can continue making soap in other colors and scents or they can choose beads for the soap chain. Once the soap is completely dry, it can be gently pressed out of the mold. A hole can be made in the soap with a skewer to thread it onto the cord. This is quite difficult, so the children will need guidance with this.

Stringing beads

Once all the children have selected beads and the soaps are ready, they can start stringing. A soap necklace usually consists of about three or four soaps and a number of beads. A loop is made at the top of the cord, from which the soap chain can be hung. After all the beads and soaps have been strung on the rope, the charm or pendant can be tied at the bottom. The soap chain can be finished with ribbon in different colors.
Once you have all the materials at home, you can start working with the children. It is of course useful to practice making soap chains in advance . This way you can also make an example for inspiration. As soon as the children see what they can make from soap, they will become very enthusiastic. It will be a successful party!

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