Top 10 tips for better sex

When you have been with someone for a longer period of time, sex life may become an increasingly lower priority. Don’t worry, with these 10 tips you can ensure that sparks fly again.

10. Romance

Especially during the winter months, warmth and romance are an essential part of a relationship and therefore very important for good sex. Think candles, soft music, no television, taking a bath together, etc. It is also important to realize that this does not necessarily lead to sex, but that romance simply becomes normal in your relationship.

9. Massages

Massaging your partner is a great way to get in the mood and can be fantastic foreplay. Make sure you have a nice massage oil and let the massage last at least fifteen minutes.

8. Being together

Relationships are not a matter of half an hour a day. Make sure you spend a lot of time together and do a lot together. This is especially important for dual-income couples (especially if one person works in different shifts than the other). Provide pleasant evenings together, in which you talk and laugh with each other. Also do something together more often, go to the cinema, have dinner, etc.

7. Sports and relaxation

Someone who feels comfortable in his or her own skin has more interest in sex. When you live too stressed, your mind is not in the right mood at all. So, make sure you get enough relaxation and exercise regularly. This provides more energy, a better feeling about yourself and better health.

6. Care

You may have been letting yourself hang for a while. Personal care often also suffers from this. Buy some new clothes and take good and regular care. Nothing is as unattractive as an unshaven head (or legs), a bad smell and old worn-out clothes.

5. Predict

Men in particular can sometimes forget this. Sex is largely foreplay (and afterplay). Women generally take much longer to become sexually aroused than men. So if you, as a man, are in the mood, you will first have to take the time to get the woman “in the mood”.

4. Change of food makes you eat

No, don’t immediately run to the neighbor. By this I mean that over time it can get boring to always do it the same way in bed on Thursday evenings. Provide some variety, different positions and different locations (the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, etc.). Get out of the rut.

3. Good health

In addition to little stress and a lot of exercise, good health is very important for good sex. Who doesn’t know the standard answer “not tonight, I have a headache”? When you don’t feel well, you don’t feel like having sex. So, eat healthy, get enough exercise, don’t drink too much alcohol and, very importantly, stop smoking.

2. Create meaning and time

Another difference between men and women; men feel like having sex much more often than women and at different times. For the female readers: did you know that many men feel like having sex early in the morning? This is a time when you may not be in a good mood at all, but for once, make sense. Let yourself go and you will see that once you get started you will still enjoy it.

1. Surprise each other

Send each other sweet notes or messages, take a bouquet of flowers with you after work, buy a sexy lingerie set. This keeps the relationship pleasant and carefree. It’s always nice to find a note from the other person and read how much he or she loves you.

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