Chasin’ denim clothing

Chasin’ is a clothing brand that is sold in score stores. It has become a brand with its own Chasin stores and focuses on men and young people from about 15 years old.

Chasin’ Information

Chasin’ was founded in 1992 and is a denim brand for men. The collection consists largely of denim, and the collection also consists of T-shirts, underwear, accessories and long sleeves.
An international team works on the design, purchasing, merchandising and marketing for the brand. The product has been greatly improved in recent years and has grown into an A brand . Chasin is characterized by the denim that has higher production costs and a longer production process than regular denim. A Chasin’ slogan is: “Lust for Jeans”.
In addition to score stores, the brand is also sold in Chasin”s own flag stores, of which 30 have already been opened . Chasin’ is also trying to gain a foothold on foreign soil, the future will tell whether this will succeed.

Chasin’ clothes

Chasin’ clothing and other items are aimed at men between the ages of 15 and 40. Its popularity has increased considerably in recent years.
Several products are known under the name Chasin:

  • Trousers : different trousers are suitable for all occasions. Chasin’ has different types of jeans, but is best known for the jeans that are popular. The different trousers are suitable for men and come in all types.
  • Outerwear : the choice of outerwear is the largest and the private label was also the first to come into the store with a score. Denim, t-shirts , long sleeves , sweaters and polos are for sale from this brand.
  • Caps : There are various caps available from the brand, they are mostly sold in the Chasin’ stores where more accessories can be found.
  • Jackets : In various types with different fabrics they keep up with fashion, there is plenty of choice with a cap or without a cap.
  • Underwear : boxer shorts from Chasin’ are popular among young people and are available in different types, the quality is high, which means that the boxer shorts sell well.
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