G-star, Just the product

G-star is a well-known brand that produces and sells clothing in many countries in the world. For several years it has been a popular brand among young people and teenagers. The clothing is sold on an assembly line and is popular in many countries.

G-star information

In 1989, the G-star label was founded in Amsterdam. The name of the product was Gap-Star but soon the name was changed to G-star which would give it more popularity on the international market.
From Amsterdam, the brand was brought to more and more foreign markets and in 1991 G-star entered into a collaboration with the French Jean designer Pierre Morisset.
In 1996, G-star introduced the G-star Elwood , a jean design that led to G-star’s breakthrough.
G-star received negative press in 2006 because employees in Indian companies had to work under poor conditions. In 2008 this problem was fixed.
G-star currently sells its products in 62 countries and has 5,165 points of sale .

G-star clothing

G-star clothing is well known in many countries. Many young people in the Netherlands wear clothing from this Dutch company. G-star Raw Denim has had a major influence in the jeans world and this has also expanded the concept of G-star. The image has become sharper and is aimed at people of all ages.
Several products are known under the name G-star:

  • Trousers : different trousers are suitable for all situations. G-star is best known for its jeans , which are very popular with their shape and color. The different trousers are suitable for everyone and come in all colors and types, often with the logo on the back of the trousers.
  • Shoes : the shoes are available for men and women. From boots to heels and ankle boots, a variety of styles and sizes suit everyone. Prices differ in all types of classes.
  • Caps : caps cannot be missing from a brand like G-star. Caps and Beanies come in different types with their own shapes.
  • Swimwear : In this fashion there are different shorts for men and bikinis for women. This line is not that big yet and has limited availability.
  • Outerwear : perhaps the most choice in outerwear, from t-shirts to long sleeves and from sweaters to polos . The choice is large and available for everyone, for school or when you go out for an evening, there are plenty of options.
  • Jackets : in various types with different fabrics, they keep up with fashion. For summer or winter there is plenty of choice with a cap or without a cap.
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