From work to a party with the right clothes

There is nothing more annoying than rushing to be dressed trendy. Sometimes you get a last-minute invitation to a party and you rush home from work to wear something nice. With these tips you can look party-proof in no time. You can easily brighten up your work clothes by wearing some beautiful accessories and putting on festive make-up.


Small bag

When you go to work you usually carry a large bag. This is very useful for all the things you carry to work. But a large bag at a party stands out and gives away that you might be coming from work. Therefore, always keep a small bag or clutch in your desk drawer and put your important things in it such as your makeup, cell phone, keys. Don’t put large things in the small bag and leave office papers in your large bag.

High heels

A nice pair of high heels makes your outfit look a little more festive. You can get some cheap heels that you leave at the office for an upcoming party. Preferably buy a black pair of classic pumps that go with everything.


If you go straight from work to a party, you need large jewelry that immediately stands out. You can wear beautiful chandelier earrings or you can brighten up your work clothes by wearing a statement ring or bracelet. You can store the jewelry in the bag that you keep in your desk drawer.


If you have some shiny bobby pins you can pin a section of hair to the side and your hair will look a lot nicer. Or you can keep a beautiful rhinestone headband in your desk drawer.


Red lipstick / Source: Kaboompics Karolina, Pexels

Make-up bag

Your makeup may no longer look as good at the end of your working day as it does in the morning. Therefore, always keep a mascara and nice lipstick in your make-up bag. If you put on neutral makeup at work, you can save a red lipstick for a last-minute party. A dark eyeshadow is also useful in your make-up bag. This allows you to create beautiful smokey eyes. Keep your lips neutral.

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