The right look for a radiant start

Are you taking a new step in life as a new mother, single or job seeker? Then that also includes a new look. Because with the right haircut, make-up and the right scent, you can take on that challenge with radiance.

A quick make-up for new mothers

  • Choose makeup that you can apply easily and quickly.
  • A tinted day cream works as a cream and foundation, allowing you to shorten the beauty ritual.
  • Blucher provides fresh skin.
  • Use an eyeshadow and blusher in one. It is convenient, long lasting and also easy to apply with your fingers.
  • Would you like a different color on the eyes? Then choose a shiny cream eyeshadow for a glamor effect in two seconds. A blusher in mousse form is very easy to use.
  • Lipstick and sticky gloss is not ideal, because your little one will receive so many kisses from you, so it is better to opt for a care stick, with or without a color. You can also opt for a lipstick that is absorbed into the skin, so that the color lasts for hours, even if you rub it.
  • With a very good concealer you can magically disappear the circles under your eyes in the morning.
  • Homesick for your volume haircut? A spray or mousse works wonders. There are also creams for more volume and shine that you do not need to rinse. These can be found at a drugstore.
  • Go for practical hairstyles that keep the hair out of your face, such as a smooth ponytail or a tight, stylish bun. With a bright elastic band or a nice pin you can make an ordinary ponytail a little more fun.
  • Your skin has to endure a lot due to hormonal changes. With a tinted day cream that boosts and hydrates your skin, you can bring it back into top condition.
  • Paint the nails with a nourishing, possibly slightly tinted nail polish.
  • A light perfume reminiscent of freshly washed sheets completes the look.


A healthy look for singles

  • Ensure radiant skin: cleanse it every day. Never go to sleep with make-up on, but first remove it with a nourishing cleansing milk. After the cleansing ritual, you can apply a fresh lotion. A night cream has a restorative effect. Also use a scrub once a month for a healthy, even complexion.
  • Use makeup to play to your strengths, but don’t overdo it because most men prefer it natural and don’t like sticky lipstick, bright colors or clumpy eye makeup.
  • Choose classy shades that emphasize your look and mouth and use a mascara that promises you long and curled eyelashes.
  • For a touch of sensuality, you can apply a soft, shiny powder to the itch bones and décolleté. Glitter on the skin can look cheap.
  • Use a nourishing shampoo with avocado oil. This makes dry hair super soft and shiny.
  • A beautiful updo or loose, lush curls are more popular than a hairdo that is stiff with paint.
  • Paint the nails with natural shades.
  • Ask at the perfumery for a new flower-scented perfume that makes everything a bit mysterious.
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A neat look for job seekers

  • Avoid “garish” in all its forms, because bright green eye shadow can be seen from three blocks away and this is not the intention.
  • So it’s best to avoid bright make-up, heavy perfume and flashy accessories.
  • Go for a sober, neat, fresh look, because this is your asset.
  • Use a matte foundation with a soft blush for a healthy look.
  • Choose makeup with natural tones for a stylish look.
  • Well-groomed nails are a must and are cut short.
  • Paint the nails with a soft color.
  • A neat, short or updo always makes a good impression.
  • Wear a feminine, subtle perfume. Too sweet, too sultry, too floral and too spicy will be more likely to be counterproductive.
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