Quit smoking, some effective methods

As a smoker you cannot avoid it, the prices of cigarettes are getting higher and higher, making smoking a very expensive passion or addiction. Your own health is enormously damaged, but, as is written on many cigarette packs, so is the health of the people around you. As you can see, smoking has no real benefits, but quitting is much more difficult than starting. Below are some methods and tools to get rid of this habit.

Nicotine bandaid

This is a simple and discreet method to suppress the withdrawal symptoms. This patch contains nicotine that is slowly absorbed through the skin. This patch follows the biorhythm of the smoker and releases a constant dose of nicotine to efficiently control the lack of nicotine. These patches are effective for regular smokers. The patches come in different doses depending on the stage you are in.

How does the patch work?

The release of nicotine is determined by the structure of the patch. These are designed so that the total amount of nicotine can never be released at once. When a man sticks the patch on the skin, the nicotine is released evenly and absorbed through the skin. The patch provides the body with nicotine so that fewer withdrawal symptoms occur. This drastically reduces the desire to light a cigarette. Please note that the patch produces less nicotine in the body than smoking a cigarette.

How, what and where to paste?

The patches should be placed on a hairless area of skin, but do not place them on injured skin. Apply the patch when you wake up and remove it when you go to sleep. The patches are available in 3 strengths, first use the heaviest dose for 12 weeks, then the medium dose for 2 weeks and finish with the lightest dose for another 2 weeks.

Nicotine gum

This is a different alternative to the patches, where, unlike the patches, you can determine the amount of nicotine that you get into the body. You can choose where and when you put chewing gum in your mouth. However, these chewing gums also come in different flavors depending on your preference. The chewing gum replaces the nicotine of the cigarette to prevent withdrawal symptoms, so that people do not feel the need for a cigarette. The nicotine is released in a controlled manner, but the amount is less than when smoking a cigarette.

How to use?

It is quite simple to use, when you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette, take a piece of chewing gum and put it in your mouth. It is important that you chew for about 10 to 15 seconds and then put the gum behind your molar for a minute. If you repeat this for half an hour continuously, you will have absorbed another dose of nicotine and the urge to smoke will return. time is less.

How many?

For the first 3 months you can take chewing gum as needed, then you can slowly start to reduce your intake and then stop chewing gum.

Quit smoking by reading

You can also combine reading and quitting smoking at home. There is quite a lot of reading material for this, but in the opinion of many ex-smokers the most effective way is to read the books that Allen Carr has written. Allen Carr has also been a smoker himself and knows how difficult it is to quit smoking, but after you have read his book Stop Smoking you will have less difficulty. His writing resonates so strongly with the person in question that after reading his book one feels disgusted at the thought of a cigarette. He ends his book with the words: Now go outside and smoke your last cigarette, but few smokers smoke their last cigarette completely, which is usually extinguished after 2 to 3 inhales.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy focuses on at least 65 meridian points. (acupuncture points) to create a perfect mental and physical balance. This method is applied once and works immediately.
The need for nicotine is stopped and withdrawal symptoms disappear. This prevents one from becoming irritable as is often the case. After the treatment you have the feeling that you have never smoked.
Laser therapy has a dual effect: it stops the urge and craving for nicotine and controls withdrawal symptoms. This method has an extremely high success rate (around 90%), the treated people immediately stop smoking, this percentage increases considerably if a second additional follow-up treatment appears to be necessary.

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