Vitarexia, newest eating disorder

Vitarexia is the newest eating problem of our time. In short, it means: deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

How do you get vitarexia

This often goes unnoticed. In your haste you skip breakfast and quickly eat a sandwich in the car during lunch. By the time you want to prepare dinner, you are so hungry that you opt for something that is easy and quick to prepare instead of a full-fledged meal. There is a good chance that you have consumed enough calories that day, but the quality of the meals you have eaten that day is far below par. You actually become malnourished, and this is becoming increasingly common in the affluent society in which we live.
There is a group of people who eat too little in a day, who simply do not have the time to eat normally, and thus do not get enough vitamins and minerals. They slowly become malnourished. But there is also a group of people who eat a lot in a day. Who don’t miss a meal and eat enough in between. This group of people can also become malnourished because they usually eat a lot of junk and snacks (fatty food, ready-made meals, white bread, etc.).
As with other forms of anorexia, people with vitarexia do not fear becoming fat or other traumatic experiences, or think that they do not belong if they are not slim. Most people probably don’t know they are malnourished. We want everything to be quick and easy. Due to the busy schedules that most people have these days, there is no time left to prepare a complete meal.
Many people think that they get enough vitamins and minerals if they eat two vegetable spoons of vegetables and two pieces of fruit. So when it comes to vitamins, people mainly think of fruit and vegetables and vitamin C. But healthy eating is not just about paying attention to fruit and vegetables; it’s about our total diet. In addition to vitamin C, there are other vitamins that are equally important. Products such as bread or pork also contain many vitamins.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

A vitamin deficiency can lead to symptoms such as reduced fitness, general malaise and therefore loss of performance. A vitamin deficiency can have many causes, such as eating too little, an insufficiently varied diet or cooking vegetables for too long. So you will slowly start to feel worse and tired. You don’t have much energy left and because you feel lethargic you don’t feel like preparing a good meal, so you make something quick and easy. And so you stay stuck in the circle. It is therefore
important to take a look at your eating habits and ensure that you eat three meals a day. It is also better to use fewer ready-made meals. Nowadays these are better processed so that more vitamins and minerals are preserved than before. But due to all the processing that such a meal has undergone, a lot has been lost

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