Tips for beautiful hair

As long as your hair’s nice! Nicely said, but often less easy to do. It is not always easy to get your hair to look nice. However, you can give your hair a helping hand by taking good care of it. Below are some tips to help you with this.

Know what you eat

Did you know that what you eat can affect the health of your hair? With the right nutrition you can ensure that your hair gets shine and vitality.
Proteins are very important for your hair. Therefore, make sure that your diet contains this. If you consume too little protein, this will result in dull and dry hair and your hair will also grow less quickly. Foods such as fish (salmon in particular seem to be good), meat, eggs and cheese contain a lot of protein.
What is also important is iron. So foods that contain iron are also recommended. Of course you can also supplement it yourself with an iron preparation. In addition to iron, fiber is also very healthy for your hair. To do this, eat cornflakes or muesli for breakfast.
Vitamins and antioxidants found in fruit are also very good. It is also important to drink enough. Preferably water and fruit juice without sugar. Also get some preparations from the pharmacy such as folic acid, zinc and vitamin B complex .
If you have thin and little hair, it may be wise to choose a diet rich in calcium, silicon and iron. These substances can prevent hair loss. Fruit can also do a lot of good here. For hair that does not grow so quickly, you can take preparations such as vitamin B complex, vitamins C, D and E. Avoid too many fats, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

Treating your hair

If you want to wash your hair every day, use a very mild shampoo. If you use too aggressive a shampoo, the natural protective layer will be damaged. You should never rub your hair dry after washing. This can damage your hair enormously. Better pat it dry. Combing wet hair is also not without risk. If you do it, do it cautiously and don’t brush very hard.
Finally, rinse your hair with cold water. This provides a nicer shine.

Products for your hair

Many manufacturers of hair care products have many different types of shampoo, masks and other things. Use these products regularly. If you have colored hair, you can use a product that is specially made for this.
Something that is very cheap but also very good for your hair is egg. If you want to give your hair a good protein boost, it is highly recommended, especially for damaged hair. You can put an egg straight through your hair or mix it with a shampoo. Then let it work for about 5 minutes and rinse well.

Protecting your hair

Make sure you use styling devices such as a hairdryer or hair straightener as little as possible. If you do it anyway, it is best to use protective products in your hair before then. This ensures that your hair is somewhat protected against all heat.
Do not expose your hair to the sun unprotected for long periods of time. Apply a protective product to your hair. Good products for this are available from the hairdresser. You can also wear a hat to prevent your hair from drying out enormously due to the sun.
Seawater is also not good for your hair. Therefore, always wear it in a high bun when you go swimming in sea water. Always rinse your hair very carefully after using it so that all salt and sand residues are removed from your hair.

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