Astral travel; awareness of the 5th dimension

When we talk about astral travel we are talking about awareness of the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension takes place when we dream, during out-of-body experiences, during near-death experiences and during death itself. Thus, conscious astral travel can be learned in two ways, namely through visualization/concentration and consciously standing up during dreams. So every night we consciously or unconsciously go to the 5th dimension during our sleep. You can travel anywhere in the astral world and have experiences that you can also do in the physical world, but that is a big waste of time. It is much more effective to focus on the basics, such as what is really going on in the astral world, receiving spiritual knowledge or following the path of enlightenment. With this goal in mind, you can meet spiritual beings as we know them in great religions, mythologies or esotericism. Besides this, in the astral world you can discover knowledge about your inner obstacles, your own inner defects, learn hidden wisdom about death, see images of the future, discover the purpose in our lives.

Astral world

The astral world has objects that we do not know in the physical world (3rd dimension, where we live every day) so we may have the feeling that the unconscious plays a role, but through experience you will be able to distinguish the astral world from the unconscious thoughts . Just as you gain knowledge every day from birth in the 3rd dimension (physical world) with the help of your parents, you learn in the 5th dimension (astral world) through experience and trusted guides who help you.
Many times it has happened that people have consciously or unconsciously observed their friends/relatives during dreams, without noticing the observation. Afterwards they were able to tell exactly what the friends/family members had done and with great accuracy. Naturally, minor deviations occur because we cannot completely switch off our subconscious.

Time limit

The time you can spend in the astral world has a limit compared to the time we spend in the physical dimension, so make good use of the time. Spirituality and negativity both take place in the astral world and you will find that out with enough experience. It is also possible to meet other people in the astral world. It is often the case that many people are not aware that they are in the astral world (dreaming), which makes it almost impossible to attract their attention. This is because unconscious thoughts prevail.
It may be possible that you are consciously present in the astral world and images are different than what you are used to. Events then take place in the astral world or objects have been placed by teachers (awakening masters ) to teach you something.


There may be a period when you feel that you are clearer in mind during a dream, this is also called “lucidity”. During this period you can really see what is happening from the astral world to the physical world. In these clear moments it is possible to learn a lot from higher beings who can show you things, teach you things by temporarily making your consciousness clearer.
You can also work on your level of consciousness yourself. The more consciously you deal with your senses in the everyday world, the more aware you also become of activities in the astral world. If you create your own world in the astral world or if your unconscious influences you, you miss the real truth. We don’t want that. Many people have a fear of the unknown, which hinders astral travel. By reading about this, you will understand it and your fear will disappear.
During out-of-body experience in the astral world we are connected to a silver cord and this ensures that we always return to our own body. During dreams, messages are sent to our mind from the astral world to our physical body through the silver cord.
The astral world is the first part of the 5th dimension. It is an entire dimension of life waiting to be discovered by humanity. It is the place where mystical practices take place, where dreams take place and where the deceased go.

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