Treatment RSI: acupuncture

Some treatments for RSI only address the symptoms. Acupuncture does more. Acupuncture also looks at the story behind the RSI patient. For example, how did someone get the RSI? Acupuncture can also serve as an alternative to traditional pain relief in the form of pills. Acupuncture starts with the basics and is therefore an ideal treatment for RSI.

What is RSI?

RSI is a term that includes various RSI complaints and symptoms that are caused by repetitive movements on, for example, the computer or by standing or sitting in one and the same position. RSI is an abbreviation of Repetitive Strain Injury. RSI often occurs in the hand and arm. RSI is often called mouse arm .

What is acupuncture?

In acupuncture, a disease or condition does not exist in itself. Acupuncture is based on people and human health as a whole . Acupuncture has a holistic principle. Not only are the symptoms examined, but a lot of attention is also paid to the general experience of the patient. Acupuncture against RSI is not yet well known.

Energy management of the body

Acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine , which is based on the principle that diseases and conditions are caused by disturbances in the energy balance in the body. People try to restore this energy balance by placing thin needles at certain points in the body, which you will hardly notice.
In addition to working with needles, you may also be advised to follow certain herbal therapies or dietary suggestions.

Tackling the basics of RSI

Acupuncturists tackle the basics of RSI. This could, for example, be a blockage at the intersection of two invisible pathways in the body, through which the body’s energies (for example Yin and Yang) flow. These stagnations can occur in different places in the body. The opposing energy flows can become out of balance here . Each intersection of energy channels (also called meridians ) is in contact with a specific part or function of the body. With the help of acupuncture, certain energies can be slowed down or stimulated.

No standard treatment

It is not possible to give exactly the same therapy to every patient with the same complaints. This is because a person is a unique individual, which requires unique, individual treatment. This depends, among other things, on the patient’s history , complaints , any previous treatments , stage of RSI , etc.

Costs and frequency of treatment

It is not possible to indicate how much treatment is needed to treat RSI, this is extremely personal and depends largely on the individual situation. On average, visits to the acupuncturist are needed for three to six months, with increasingly longer intervals between each two treatments.
Most health insurers reimburse acupuncture. The average costs are between 30 and 45 per treatment. However, the first treatment costs a little more time and money (approximately 55).

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