9 Examples of ASEAN Cooperation in the Political and Economic Fields

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ASEAN stands for Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The definition of ASEAN is a regional cooperation organization of countries in Southeast Asia.

The founding of ASEAN was carried out in Bangkok, Thailand on August 5 1967. The aim of establishing ASEAN was to increase economic growth, social progress and cultural development.

Based on the PKN book Volume 6, currently ASEAN has 10 member countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

Cooperation between countries Countries in ASEAN cooperate in the political, economic, educational and socio-cultural fields. The following are the goals of ASEAN cooperation in the political and economic fields.

A Glance at ASEAN’s Goals

The aim of forming the ASEAN organization is to increase economic growth, social progress and cultural development. Apart from that, each member country can promote peace at the regional level. The following are ASEAN’s goals based on the Bangkok Declaration.

  1. Accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in Southeast Asia
  2. Increasing regional stability in Southeast Asia, by respecting legal justice based on the principles of the UN charter
  3. Increase active cooperation and mutual assistance in various fields such as economics, social, cultural, scientific and administrative
  4. Increasing cooperation in the fields of agriculture, industry, trade and improving communication facilities
  5. Maintaining cooperation in various international and regional organizations

Types of ASEAN Cooperation in the Political Field

Countries in Southeast Asia cooperate with each other in the political field to create peace. ASEAN is fighting for peace, independence and neutrality in the Southeast Asia region. Apart from maintaining security, ASEAN cooperation in the political field is for state affairs. The following is an example of ASEAN cooperation in the political field.

  1. Political agreements regarding territorial boundaries and sovereignty
  2. Establish a defense and security system
  3. Sending ambassadors and consuls to countries in Southeast Asia
  4. Joint military exercises to increase regional resilience and stability in Southeast Asia
  5. Establish an extradition agreement, namely the handing over of caught fugitives between ASEAN countries

Forms of ASEAN Cooperation in the Political Field


An example of cooperation in the political field is forming ZOPFAN ( Zone of Peace, Freedom and Neutrality ). The purpose of forming ZOPFAN is to prevent interference in foreign politics of ASEAN countries. And can carry out the development of their respective countries in a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone Agreement

Agreement on a nuclear weapons free area in Southeast Asia, implemented in Bangkok 15 December 1995. The aim of this agreement is to make Southeast Asia a nuclear weapons free area.

3. Southeast Asian Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation

An agreement of friendship and cooperation was implemented in Bali, 24 February 1976. In this agreement, basic principles were agreed upon in relations with each other. This agreement contains no interference, in the affairs of each country to resolve disputes peacefully.

4. ASEAN Security Community

The ASEAN security community was formed to achieve political and security cooperation. It is hoped that the creation of a security community will make ASEAN a conflict-free area.

Forms of ASEAN Cooperation in the Economic Sector

ASEAN carries out cooperation in the economic sector such as developing joint projects. Benefits of projects and development to improve the welfare of ASEAN nations. The goals of ASEAN cooperation in the economic sector are stated in the 1967 Bangkok Declaration. The following is an example of economic cooperation carried out in ASEAN.

1. AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area)

AFTA was formed in 1993 with the aim of advancing cooperation in the field of trade in Southeast Asia. An example of the AFTA program is reducing import duties on goods produced by ASEAN countries. This reduction in import duties will make the price of goods produced in ASEAN countries cheaper.

2. ASEAN Economic Cooperation with Other Countries

ASEAN is pioneering economic cooperation with several European countries, the United States, Japan and Australia. The aim of cooperation with countries in other regions is for trade and the economy. For example, trade relations, export and import of merchandise, sending labor, and energy cooperation.

3. AEC (ASEAN Economic Community)

AEC was established in the Bali Concord II in 1999. The aim of establishing AEC was a long leap forward and a continuation of AFTA. ASEAN economic cooperation includes trade, industry, services, finance, forestry, energy, transportation, communications, tourism and MSMEs.

4. ASEAN Swap Arrangements

Countries in the Southeast Asian region form a joint foreign exchange fund.

5. ASCOPE (ASEAN Council on Petroleum)

Formed to develop the use of natural resources. For example, the use of petroleum and natural gas in the Southeast Asia region.

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