Electro-hypersensitivity due to electro-smog

Our environment is under threat. Thanks to the digitalization of society, we are exposed to an incredible amount of electrical devices that transmit, receive, and even when off, create electromagnetic fields. The possibility of health consequences is inevitable. Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) is the collective name for a series of complaints related to electromagnetic radiation. Be careful with cell phones, electronics and anything that emits digital pulses!

Increase in electrical equipment

The amount of electrical and digital devices and communication transmitters in and around our home is growing explosively. Mobile and DECT telephones, (game) computers, wireless networks, digital TV sets, electric hobs, kitchen appliances, (fluorescent) lighting, remote controls, radio alarm clocks, etc. have enriched our lives, but is this also the case when we look at our health? Complaints that may indicate hypersensitivity are increasing, but no one can convincingly prove whether it is actually due to the increase in electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog . Because it has never been scientifically proven that electrical appliances and transmitters can cause medical complaints, that statement remains unchanged. But the real (reverse burden of proof) statement should be: ‘It has not been proven that radiation does nothing to a body.’

Electro Hypersensitivity

Science to date is divided into two groups. One party claims that there is nothing wrong and that the medical complaints cannot be caused by electrosmog. It must be noted that this is a billion-dollar business. Companies that develop wireless equipment do not benefit from one day discovering that their products can cause health problems, so they would rather not have the whole idea. The other side claims that there is something called Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS), electro stress or ‘electro allergy’, a syndrome of various physical and mental symptoms that may be related to the amount of electrical equipment in the environment. This group is naturally concerned about the downside of the electro-mania that has taken place in recent decades and continues to expand.

Electromagnetic fields

The environment has a very major influence on people. Clean air and water, healthy food… it is all of the utmost importance to maintain our health. Now that our world is full of modern electronics, high-voltage pylons and transmitters, one may wonder whether this can be good for the same health. Harmful effects cannot be ruled out, but no one can give a clear answer. The nature of the complaints resulting from disturbing devices and fields is therefore highly individual. EHS often occurs in combination with hypersensitivity to other environmental factors such as specific, often chemical odors, ultra-low noise, certain foods and UV light. The patient may also have hay fever. It is not yet clear how the stimuli from electromagnetic fields penetrate the body and disrupt functions. It is assumed that there is a longer period of time (sometimes years) between exposure to electromagnetic fields and the noticeable effects.

Complaints of electro-hypersensitivity

Quickly emerging symptoms include pressure on the eardrum, ringing in the ears and a feeling of dizziness. After about an hour, the pattern of complaints expands in the form of headache, pressure in the head , pounding in one ear, hearing loss, skin irritations, fatigue, nervousness and loss of concentration. After a few hours or days, more can happen: looking bad, hypersensitivity to sound and light, aggression, irritability, memory loss, blurred vision, muscle pain, flu feeling, fatal fatigue, insomnia or drowsiness and swollen mucous membranes. Months to years after exposure, symptoms can be even more severe. These include depression, personality changes, damage to the immune system and DNA (cancer and tumors) and altered protein synthesis. Sometimes the complaints are confused with burnout, ME or fibromyalgia.

Which equipment is electro-hazardous?

Electric and electromagnetic fields are created by all kinds of equipment in your home. High-frequency electromagnetic radiation comes from everything that transmits, such as: DECT telephones, WiFi network, PC games such as WI, wireless internet and remote controls. Just think about what you have. Low-frequency alternating electrical fields come from current and voltage, regardless of whether a device is turned on. So the electricity grid, the cables and the meter cupboard. Low-frequency alternating magnetic fields come from underground power cables, power-consuming devices, electric motors, etc. This requires a device to be turned on.
Feel free to count: GSM handsets, microwave, PCs with attached equipment such as monitor, mouse, ADSL modem, TV, video, DVD, transformers, halogen lamps and dimmers, energy-saving lamps, chargers, washing machine and dryer, baby monitor, waterbed, electric blanket , underfloor heating, adjustable central heating thermostat, smoke and motion detectors, intercom and induction hob. Also note: refrigerator, fans, control motors for bed or chair position, stair lift, sunbed, electronic fly swatters and photo, film and video equipment. Outdoors, radiation comes from, among other things, electric railway lines, transmission towers , public transport, electricity cables under roads, hybrid engines in cars, high-voltage lines, fire detectors and security equipment.

How do you switch off radiation?

The most logical thing, of course, is to use as little electrical equipment as possible or to live somewhere where the electromagnetic fields are weak. This is measurable. Turn off appliances when not in use. Not by pressing the ‘off’ button, but by actually removing the plug from the socket. So no standby on the TV, etc. If you buy a new device, make sure that the power is not too high. Devices can also be shielded to limit radiation. And keep your sleeping environment free of power-consuming devices. Mobile phones are even a direct source of radiation due to their direct location against the ear. Rumors say that mobile telephony can even cause certain brain tumors. That is why it is better to avoid unknown risks and keep your cell phone calls as short as possible. If you still want to talk for a long time, use an analog mobile device or even better: a hard-wired device.

Still health risks…?

A 2011 report from the Council of Europe stated that electromagnetic waves from Wi-Fi and mobile phones could expose children to health risks, even at radiation levels below current thresholds. Because more (long-term) and independent investigations are needed and these results are still pending, the Council is currently advocating taking safety measures . For example, the use of networks and mobile phones in classes is discouraged, research must be conducted into safer telephones and antennas, and a device must indicate whether it emits electromagnetic radiation, as well as the medical risks you run if you purchase the product. So all this is a call to politics and industry.

Reassurance versus alarm

According to a large number of German, Swiss and Dutch doctors and researchers, electromagnetic radiation could become one of the biggest causes of disease in the 21st century if governments do not intervene. Because most studies that have been done reassure us, but there are also some that show alarming facts. A major problem here is that researchers have repeated virtually no experiments under the same conditions. Contradictory research results can therefore have countless explanations, because how are the parameters determined? Studies must cover a long time, involve a large number of people, and take into account all confounding factors. It is therefore virtually impossible to assess whether a study is sound in this matter. Yet there is only one message that counts for the government: Research must be qualitative, independent and high-quality. And for the layman: Be careful and when in doubt, err on the side of caution.
‘All the things that human beings suffer from are how their environment treats them, and how the elements of their planet affect their mind and body – like radiation, cancer, and all.’ ~Ornette Coleman

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