Tips against static hair

A common problem in winter is static hair. Of course it’s no good if your hair stands up and when you take off your clothes it crackles on all sides. A difficult problem because there is often no way to sail with your hair. What can you do about this?


Static hair is often seen in dry hair. The cold and dry air in winter dries out your hair. This allows the hair to easily charge, causing it to become static. Combing the hair only makes the static charge worse and keeps your hair looking bad.


Of course, it is better to ensure that your hair does not become static. Because it mainly occurs in dry hair, this is the first thing you should prevent.

  • Protect your hair from the cold and dry air with a cap or hat. To keep volume in your hair, brush it in the opposite direction before putting on the cap or hat. As soon as you take off your headgear, comb it back as you normally wear your hair. This ensures that your hair does not become completely flat.
  • Do not use products for your hair that contain alcohol.
  • Use moisturizing products regularly. Make sure the quality of the products is high. Apply a moisturizing mask once a week and a conditioner after every wash (possibly with a spoonful of honey added). Do not use too much of the product because it is sometimes said that this can promote static hair.
  • Before combing your hair, spray some hairspray on your comb or brush.
  • If possible, avoid blow-drying your hair or styling it with a hair straightener, for example.
  • Make sure your living environment is healthy and not too dry. For example, you can hang water bowls on the heater or use a humidifier. You can also place or hang these things at work.
  • There are products available against static hair. For example, there are shampoos with an antistatic effect.
  • The type of comb can also encourage static hair. To combat this, use a wooden comb, horn comb or a real hair comb.
  • Before you wash your hair, you can soak it with whole milk. Put a shower cap over it and let it soak in thoroughly.
  • Coconut or jojoba oil also works very well. You can apply this an hour to a whole night before washing your hair.
  • Do not use shampoos that have a degreasing effect.
  • Pay attention to what clothes you wear. Synthetic clothing can cause static hair.
  • Apply a horn ointment to your hair. This is a greasy cream and a little bit on your hands is enough.
  • After you have washed your hair, it is better not to rub it dry. Rubbing can actually cause it to become static once it dries.


More tips

These tips don’t just apply to static hair. You should take good care of your hair all year round.

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