Infection with trichomonas

Trichomonas is an STD that is less known in the Netherlands. Yet almost 2,000 people in the Netherlands are infected with this venereal disease every year. This puts trichomonas in sixth place on the list of most common STDs in the Netherlands. This disease is not serious, but it is contagious. This STD is easy to treat. Women suffer from this disease more often than men.

What is trichomonas?

Trichomonas is a Sexually Transmitted Disease and infects almost 2,000 people in the Netherlands every year. The infection is not serious and can always be treated effectively. It is possible that someone who has been infected with the trichomonas infection has no complaints for a long time and is therefore not aware of his/her infection. However, in that case you can infect others with the infection. A swab from the place where you could have been infected can be used to determine whether you have indeed become infected with trichomonas. No more research is needed for this. In most cases, an immediate investigation will be carried out to ensure that you have not contracted another STD.


Men often notice little or nothing of the infection. They generally do not have many complaints. However, they may experience a somewhat burning sensation during urination if the infection causes an irritation spot around the pee hole and the glans. This does not happen in all cases. It is also possible that the man loses some discharge from the urethra when he gets up.
Women more often suffer from complaints as a result of this disease. They may suffer from an inflamed vagina. The labia and the inside of the vagina may be red, swollen and painful. This may also cause the woman to experience pain when urinating. The woman’s discharge may also change if she has become infected with trichomonas. The discharge becomes somewhat milky and profuse. The discharge may foam and give off an unpleasant odor. A woman’s complaints as a result of this STD can worsen around or during menstruation.

Treatment of trichomonas.

Trichomonas is a fairly harmless STD and can be completely cured with a (single) dose of antibiotics. It is important that you follow the doctor’s advice and instructions carefully. You are not allowed to consume alcohol on the day of the treatment.
If you have a regular partner, it is advisable to have them also tested for the infection. If this has also become infected, it is wise not to have sexual intercourse during the treatment. This means you run the risk of infecting each other again and again. If you have had sex with different partners in the time after possible infection, it is necessary to inform them. This is a tedious task, but it does prevent the STD from spreading further. Sex during treatment is strongly discouraged. If you still want to have sex during the treatment, always do so safely using a condom! The disease (and therefore the risk of infection) has not disappeared during the treatment.

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