Dye your hair

Dyed hair has become an indispensable part of the street scene. If it is not getting rid of the gray hair, then it may be reviving the dull color or you want to stand out with an extreme color. As long as your hair looks good is an item that often has a double meaning. Hair apparently says something about us, the model, the color, the smell. Before you go out in the morning, taking care of your hair is part of the overall toilet routine and yet we find it difficult if the hair does not want that day. You can’t get the style in, your curls don’t fall the way you want or it feels like straw. You can have curls placed in it at the hairdresser, have it styled or give it a color. Plenty of possibilities.
When choosing a new hair color, always pay attention to the color of the facial skin. If you want a natural effect, don’t tie your skin too much. For example, black hair with very light skin. If you want to shock, then the extreme colors, especially compared to your skin, are the right way to achieve this.
All hair colors from white to black are available at the hairdresser and for do-it-yourselfers in the drugstore. The hairdresser has the added advantage that intermediate colors can be created by mixing and they can advise you to find the right color.


Our hair consists mainly of keratin and the color is built up from proteins. Eumelanin provides the brown and black color and phaeomelanin provides the red and blonde color. It goes without saying that if this is no longer present, your hair will be white/gray.

To paint

When you dye your hair, the hair must be opened. It concerns the hair cuticles that must be opened to bleach or dye the hair.
Bleaching is done using a peroxide solution and different percentages of peroxide are used for the colors to be created. An important reason for this is the deposit on the hair when working with peroxide. The solution reacts with melanin (pigment that provides color) in the hair and the chemical reaction causes the color to disappear.
The hair dye actually works in a similar way, but it uses ammonia. The solution also now makes a chemical reaction and leaves the relevant color behind.


The products that are coming onto the market are getting better, but this does not alter the fact that it is still an attack on your hair. Always use nourishing shampoo, conditioner and, if necessary, a mask to boost your skin after the attack.
Do not combine dyeing directly with a perm. In any case, leave this for a few weeks.
And while you’re at the hairdresser, have it checked for dead hair ends. After a haircut, your hair will immediately look better.


  • Your hair a little too red? Anti-dandruff shampoo helps to tone down the color.
  • Always be careful with chlorine baths with bleached hair. A protective oil for the hair can put a filter over it and protect it.
  • The sun also affects your hair, so if you spend a lot of time in the sun, a protective oil can also provide a solution here. But a hat or cap is of course also fine.
  • If you spend a lot of time in salt water, a special shampoo to rinse it out properly can provide a solution. The salt in combination with the sun can really destroy your hair.
  • If you style your hair yourself, first put a good oil in your hair. This protects against the heat of the straightener.
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