5 simple tips to eat less

Following a good diet is more difficult than you think. Many people eat too much and too quickly, making it easier for fats to accumulate. But what should you think about with your eating and drinking behavior and how do you deal with this? Does your plate always have to be empty, because this is supposedly part of a good upbringing? Eating should be tasty and not a waste of time.

This is how you eat less!

Eating (and drinking) less is often a huge challenge for most people. They often have thoughts of rice cakes to lose weight and that constant hungry feeling in your stomach. That doesn’t always have to be the truth. You don’t have to turn your whole life upside down to eat less. If you follow the 5 tips below, you will hardly notice that you are eating less.

TIP 1: That plate doesn’t have to be empty!

The idea that it is a great sin to leave food on your plate is deeply ingrained in many people. Those stories from the past always come up about hungry children in the third world. By not emptying your plate you are apparently ungrateful. But this way of thinking is destructive for a country that often has to deal with many overweight people. If you don’t think you can finish your plate, don’t! Save the food for later. If the food is unhealthy, it may not be a sin at all to throw it away. Out of sight is out of mind!

Tip 2: Don’t eat too quickly!

Some people are athletes when it comes to food. Runners that is. When food comes into their sight it is swept away at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This may be the best way to overeat yourself. When you devour your food at such a speed, your body cannot keep up and not warn you in time that you are full. Ultimately you are left with that overfull feeling. This feeling eventually translates into fat.

Tip 3: Don’t eat everything in a restaurant

When you’re enjoying a meal at a restaurant, don’t think you have to eat the food. Ask for a doggy bag for meals that are too much. When the food arrives you can immediately keep half of it aside in the doggy bag. This tip will save you money, because you get 2 restaurant meals for the price of 1.

Tip 4: Don’t see eating as an activity

A lot of people don’t eat because they like it, but simply because they have something to do. It can’t be difficult when you’re trying to lose weight to not eat when you’re simply not hungry. But unfortunately there are a lot of people who just eat for some kind of entertainment. If this sounds familiar, you should start paying more attention and look for a different type of entertainment. Read a book, play a video game or watch television. The best way to distract yourself is of course to take a nice walk. Good for weight and legs. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you try your best to do something instead of eating to nothing.

Tip 5: Avoid alcohol at parties

Alcohol not only encourages your body to store tasty fat, it also makes you make bad decisions. And at these parties, alcohol is often accompanied by tasty fatty food, which can be fatal for your diet if you make the wrong decisions. Skip that drink when you go out and maybe your willpower is strong enough to turn down that pizza or shawarma.

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