Backache? Tips to relieve pressure on your back!

Homo erectus (the upright walking human) is not designed to sit for hours. And yet that is what many of us do. From the bed in the car, from the car to the office, there for hours behind a desk at a computer, back home in the evening by car and then hours in front of the TV on the couch. And we often adopt the wrong attitude. Result: back pain and back problems. With a few simple tips you can relieve your back pain and even solve it completely. Things to pay attention to in the office, in bed, in the car, at the computer and when you lift something. Homo erectus (upright walking human) is not at all designed to sit still on a chair for hours. In the past, people walked a lot in search of food and while hunting. Now we all sit in our chairs almost all day long. Behind the computer, in front of the television, in our car, to write, to read, while eating and so on. School-age children often develop a crooked spine because they also adopt the wrong posture while writing. Result: our spine has to deal with far too much pressure, muscles and tendons lose their elasticity and we get back problems and back pain en masse. However, you can put a stop to your back problems with a number of simple interventions.

At work

Walk around every hour

Once you’ve been sitting for an hour, it’s high time to stretch your legs. This is also perfect for your concentration. If you are at work, take some paperwork to another department, file something or get a cup of coffee or a glass of water. Don’t use your office chair to zip from here to there, but get up and walk. If you teach or give a presentation, walk past the participants or students. Ignore the elevator and take the stairs. It’s good for your fitness and your back!


Many people work for hours with a laptop on their knees and adopt completely the wrong posture. They sit completely bent over and thus experience pain in the neck area. It is better to place the laptop on a table. If you really want to keep your laptop on your lap, place a number of books underneath it. This brings the laptop to eye level and allows you to sit a lot straighter.

Office chair

It is also important that your office chair is at the right height. The perfect posture is as follows: your feet should be flat on the floor, with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle while your forearms rest on the work surface. If this is not possible, you will need to place a support under your feet or adjust your desktop correctly. Sitting on the edge of your seat while you work is also not a good idea, because it puts extra strain on your back. You should sit completely against the backrest, so that your back is best supported.

Ergonomic means

You can also use a special sitting ball, which is good for your back because you always have to keep it in balance. Or you can opt for a standing desk. You can work upright at this desk, which is good for your back. It is best to have a regular desk and a standing desk. This way you can alternate regularly because always standing up is bad for the veins in your legs.

At home

The chair

A nice soft seat that you can completely sink into. Blessed! However, nothing is so bad for your back! You sit in a very unnatural position and your back takes a lot of strain, especially if you sit in your seat for hours. Your spine is completely pressed together. It is better to choose a slightly harder model chair, in which you can sit up straight.

The television

Also make sure that your television is at the right height. A television that is too high forces you to tilt your head too far back. Result: pain in the neck. A television that is set too low forces you to sit in an unnatural position to watch. Consequence? Back problems again. So make sure that your television is approximately at eye level.

The bed

Your bed is just as important as your sofa. A mattress that is too soft or too hard can cause a lot of misery. So always buy a decent mattress, not too hard and not too soft, depending on your body weight. The spine must be perfectly straight. Always ask the salespeople in the store for advice.
The best position for sleeping is the side position. The prone position is the least recommended, because there is too much pressure on the lumbar vertebrae. Lying down and sleeping are important for your spine. This way your back will relax. The way you get out of bed can also alleviate your back problems to some extent. First lie on your side, then throw your legs over the edge of the bed and push yourself up with your arms.

In the car

In the car, make sure that your knees are at the same height as your hips. Your back should also sit firmly against the backrest in the car for perfect back support. Also make sure that your car seat is at the right distance from the steering wheel: your arms should be slightly bent and you should be able to reach the pedals without difficulty. To get out of the car, it is best to turn your body and legs a quarter turn and then get out of the car. If this does not work, move the car seat back so that you have more space. When your feet are on the ground, lean on the handlebars to push you upright.

Book bag

For school-age children, it is very important to ensure that the school bag is not too heavy. As a parent, you can ensure that your son or daughter does not bring too many textbooks or drag unnecessary things along. If there are lockers available for rent at school, your school child can leave some of his or her materials in them. A backpack is better for your back than a book bag that you carry by hand. Carry the backpack over both shoulders, not casually over one shoulder.


After a hard day’s work, it is important to relax. Choose an active activity that does not require you to sit. Walking, swimming or cycling are sports that are kind to the back. Moreover, it is also good for the condition. People who are predisposed to back problems should avoid sports such as tennis, golf, rugby, judo, volleyball, handball, basketball and running as much as possible. These sports are very stressful on the back.

Bending down and lifting something

When you lift something, it is very important that you do it correctly. So don’t bend over, but bend your knees and then pick up your package or object with your back straight. Don’t lift too much at once, rather spread the load. Better go back and forth more often. When shopping, it is better to use two shopping bags, one on each side of the body. This way you distribute the weight and hang in balance. While lifting, hold the object close to you. Do not lift with your arms straight. Also avoid lifting something and making a twisting motion at the same time. If you want to pick up a piece of paper, do not bend in all directions while sitting on a chair. Stand up and bend your knees again to pick up the piece of paper.

Stand up

Standing up is less stressful on the back than sitting. But standing up must also be done correctly. The weight should be distributed over both feet. Never stay in the same position for too long. If you must, place one leg slightly higher than the other. Keep the back as straight as possible. High heels are very bad for the lower back. Low heels or no heels are also very bad for the back. A heel of about 3 cm is ideal.

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