Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are hair extensions that you attach using small clips that are attached to matted hair. This way you can click the different mats into your hair and take them out again at the end of the day. What are the pros and cons of this? Where can they be purchased and what should be paid attention to when purchasing?

Pros and cons

The advantages of clip-in extensions are that they are easy to attach and relatively cheap compared to fixed extensions. When you no longer need the long hair, you don’t have to go to the hairdresser to get them out, but you can just put them in the closet. The disadvantages are that you have to spend a while every day placing and styling the extensions. In addition, it can be difficult to hide the mats with thin hair.

Inserting clip-in extensions

You insert the clip-in extensions by clipping up a section of your hair, and then attaching the clips to the hair that is not clipped up. There are often 3 to 4 mats at the back, and 2 narrower mats at the side. If you use clip-in extensions not only for volume, but also for extension, it is important that these mats are present for the side of the head. If you do not know exactly how and where to clip the mats, it is advisable to consult YouTube. There are many tutorials here, as well as great tips and tricks for clip-in extensinos.


You can buy clip-in extensions in many hair salons in the Netherlands. You can often find cheap clip-in extensions in hair stores. You can often buy a mat here that still needs clips attached to it. Clip-in extensions can also be purchased via websites. Examples include and You can also buy clip-in extensions via, which are often cheaper than in other webshops and stores.
What you should pay attention to when purchasing clip-in extensions is that they have the right color. This is especially an issue when you buy online, as you cannot compare the color of the extensions with your own hair. What you also have to pay attention to is the number of grams of hair you buy. For a full extension, at least 100 grams of hair is required, excluding the clips. This is for thin hair. If you have thick or short hair, it is advisable to purchase 150 grams or more.

Tips & tricks

If you have trouble hiding the clips, you can solve this by pulling your hair aside with a few barrettes. This way you let some hair fall over the clips and you don’t have to worry all day that people can see a clip. If the color of the extensions is not quite right or they do not blend well with your own hair, it is advisable to curl your own hair and the extensions slightly. This way you won’t notice that you have extensions. Finally, if the extensions are not the right color, you can dye the extensions or have them dyed at a hairdresser.

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