Personal style tips: Stylist Socialmorphose via Facebook

Who wouldn’t want that: free personal style tips. The posts on your own Facebook page are used as the basis for the advice. You will receive a personal style report, a photoshopped photo with the recommended new clothing, and links to web shops where you can buy the clothing directly. That’s not wrong! A nice initiative by two young enterprising women: Maaike van de Wetering and Sophie Lever.


  • How does it work
  • Style report
  • Photo with advice outfit and accessories
  • Links to web shops
  • About Stylist Socialmorphose
  • Linda Fashion special


Update June 2015: Sophie and Maaike’s project is no longer active. The Facebook page of Styliste Socialmorphose still exists, but the team Sophie and Maaike have not posted new styling advice there since March 2013.


How does it work

You need a Facebook account, which contains the necessary personal information. You add yourself as a friend to the Facebook page of Styliste Socialmorphose. The creative team, consisting of Maaike van de Wetering and Sophie Lever, looks at all your information on your Facebook page. If you are selected, they will start putting together tailor-made styling advice for you.

Style report

The ladies post your style report on their Facebook. It tells you how they see you in terms of style. What type are you? Are you fashion-minded, or not (yet)? The advice follows. What do they think you need to look as nice as possible, in an outfit that suits you? The style report is written in a smooth style, with extra tips and ideas in addition to the advice.

Photo with advice outfit and accessories

Using one of your photos from your Facebook account, they redress you, using Photoshop, with the clothing recommended by the team. Together with images of various accessories, the overall image would not look out of place in a magazine.

Links to web shops

The advice ends with links to various web shops where the recommended clothing and accessories can be purchased.

About Stylist Socialmorphose

Little is known about the creative team. LinkedIn shows both their profiles, but we don’t know much more about their background other than that the two young ladies are up for challenges, as they wrote on their site: “The moment you have a big idea. You feel the warmth through your body, it makes you blush. You have butterflies in your stomach and you feel like you are in love. … This is why we do what we do. We demand a lot from ourselves, because we think that success is not a matter of luck, but something you enforce through will and perseverance.”
On November 28, 2011, their page was launched and they gave their first styling advice. Since then, they have provided a number of pieces of advice per week. In the Press of March 15, 2012, Sjoerd Blankevoort wrote an article, for which they thanked him on their Facebook page, with the addition “… maybe we will ‘get’ you soon ;-)!”

Linda Fashion special

In honor of the Linda Mode special of August 2012, SocialMorphose selected ten women who received a personal style report. Over a period of ten weeks, their advice appeared on the online news blog of the Linda Mode special.
We are curious about Sophie and Maaike’s success with Styliste Socialmorphose and their future ideas!

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