What do your toes say?

Discover what your toes have to say to you. The position and shape of the toes reveal a person’s character, behavior, emotions and attitude to life. The shape of the toes is an innate characteristic, but their position can change throughout life due to external influences and personality development.


The left foot is the foot that represents the emotional life, it is the feminine foot and the right foot represents the rational side of life, this is the masculine foot. Round toes indicate a person who is tactical and friendly, while angular toes indicate a person who is very direct. Toes sloping in a straight line from largest to smallest indicate a person who is calm, stable and orderly. Space between toes indicates delay, one first wants to consider how one looks at something or how one reacts. If all the toes are against each other without a space between them, this indicates spontaneity; one responds very directly to a situation without thinking about it. A toe that deviates to the right indicates that the past no longer has control over the person. A large, sturdy toe indicates that the characteristics associated with that toe are strongly present in that person. See below for the properties per toe.

Big toe

The big toes tell you how you communicate. A large big toe indicates strong verbal ability. On the right foot this communication is linked to the mind and joy. The big toe on the left foot indicates how you express your feelings and sadness. Energy usually leaves the foot through the big toe. However, if the big toe is not the longest toe on the foot, this is not the case. One is then dealing with a very chaotic person who wants to do everything at the same time.

The second toe

A long second toe indicates a lot of ambition, and indicates how you deal with your wishes and desires. If the big toe and the second toe are some distance apart, you may find it difficult to respond immediately to things.

The third toe

People with large middle toes are very creative and act intuitively. They have enormous decisiveness, although a large middle toe on the left foot can indicate aggressiveness.

The fourth toe

The fourth toe indicates how a person can deal with control and loss, especially the toe on the right foot. The fourth toe on the left foot represents love.

The little toe

The little toe of the right foot indicates how you deal with fear and uncertainty. If it is hidden behind the other toes, you do not quickly show everything. However, the straighter your little toe on the left foot is, the more confidence you have in the future, because this toe represents optimism.


Horizontal ridges on the toenails indicate emotional tension.

What can you do with it?

Because the toes reflect yourself, you can get to know yourself better. It provides insight into your opportunities and possibilities, allowing you to live life more consciously and make choices that suit you better.

Is this unchangeable?

The position of the toes can certainly change. As your personality changes, the toes will adapt too. For example, crooked toes straighten out and twisted toes turn back. Reading toes is only possible with healthy toes; toes that are deformed due to rheumatoid arthritis, for example, cannot be read properly.

The founding fathers

The founders of toe reading are Imre and Margriet Somogyi.

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