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Maybe you want to eat ‘green’, for yourself and for the environment. but where do you start? After some research it turns out to be easier than you think. Even without your own vegetable garden, you can still eat consciously! A shortlist for every green type. It is also clear that if you eat organically, so you pay more attention to your diet, you can easily lose kilos.

Type 1 – The Greenhorn

You want to, but how? You’re busy enough already. No time to go to fancy shops or spend hours behind the stove. Moreover, you are very attached to your trusted supermarket. And besides, can you afford it?

Where does the rookie shop?

Almost every supermarket nowadays has a range of sustainable, healthy and organic products. Albert Heijn in particular makes it easy for you with its pure and fair range: all products that are either organic or more animal-friendly or ‘fair’, and sometimes even all at the same time. All your old trusted products are also available in a greener version. There are even organic frozen vegetables. Organic cheese and EKO tartarts. Regarding money: The more processed and the more beautifully packaged a product is, the more expensive it is. If you really want to be healthier and cheaper, leave as many packets, jars, bags, ready-made snacks and light products as possible and go for fresh.

Shopping list rookie

Organic cows have been able to walk outside for most of the year, so their milk contains more healthy, unsaturated fatty acids. That’s much better for you, so go for organic milk, custard, yogurt and cheese. You also choose your meat organically. These animals have been fed food that has been grown without pesticides and that is also healthier for you. Organic vegetables, seasonal vegetables and vegetables from the Netherlands are grown without poison or fertilizer; also a lot healthier. It is also cheaper to eat ‘with the season’.

Type 2 – The green connoisseur

You are quite seasoned when it comes to ‘green eating and living’. You are no longer surprised by strange things like quinoa or parsnips, you buy as many organic products as possible and you eat meat at most a few days a week. You can pick up your organic fruit and vegetable package every week at the health food store.

Where does the green connoisseur shop?

See it as a sport to get to know new ‘green’ addresses. There are more and more ‘green’ supermarkets. Such as the stores of the Puur! chain. (in Leiden and Houten) or Marqt ( You can also buy organic products online (, and you will receive the most animal-friendly offers from all supermarkets in your mailbox every week.

Shopping list green connoisseur

  • Meat substitutes

Instead of meat, try legumes, rice, but also special grains such as quinoa or buckwheat. If you do opt for meat, choose products with the Demeter quality mark: these animals have had an even better life than organically farmed animals. Chickens walk around freely, together with a rooster so that they feel even safer.


  • Foodmiles

food miles represent the distance your food travels before it ends up on your plate. The more miles, the more CO2 emissions. So ensure the lowest possible score by eating with the season and always choosing local: a crispy head of iceberg lettuce from the Netherlands in the summer and Dutch winter carrots in the winter. So never snow peas from Zimbabwe.


Type 3 – The vegetable veteran

They don’t have to tell you anything anymore when it comes to green food. In your garden there are cabbage plants next to the violets (you can also eat them) and you are considering purchasing a pair of chickens (they can roam between the tomato plants on your balcony). You no longer eat meat.

Where does the vegetable veteran shop?

There is nothing more fun than visiting the farmer and choosing, collecting or picking your own milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit. This way you always have super fresh products at home. There are nice addresses on the websites of Van Eigen Erf ( or Milieudefensie ( If you don’t have your own garden, rent an allotment to grow your own vegetables. Many municipalities make allotments available. ‘Google ‘rent allotment garden’ plus the name of your municipality. You can also garden on your balcony: limit yourself to mini varieties of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers or choose plants that you can harvest for a longer period of time, such as strawberries. And of course lots of fresh herbs in pots.

Shopping list green veteran

  • Everything fresh

Bake your own bread (from organic flour) and make your own jam. Look for organic cookbooks and experiment with the recipes.

  • Grow it yourself

Growing your own plants is the most fun there is. Order organic vegetable seeds or plants online from the Historische Groentenhof ( or from seed suppliers with an organic range (


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