AIDS Out of the World: Stop AIDS Now!

The mission of Stop AIDS Now is: Working together towards a world without AIDS. That is no small task, AIDS is a true epidemic that claims new victims every day. People become infected every day and others die from the disease. That is why the Aids Fund and the development organizations Cordaid Memisa, Hivos, ICCO & Oxfam Novib have joined forces and STOP AIDS NOW! set up.

The organisation

Stop Aids Now is an independent organization, with its own board. Within the organization, the Aids Fund, Cordaid Memisa, Hivos, ICCO & Novib Oxfam work together, each receives part of the proceeds and supports projects against AIDS in the countries where they are active. Stop Aids Now and the Aids Fonds and Soa Aids Nederland are all located at the same address. This way you can make use of the expertise and knowledge that is available in-house and use the same facilities. Stop Aids Now fights AIDS/HIV in developing countries.

Approach in Various Areas

AIDS is more than a disease, it affects countries economically and socially. It is a true epidemic in many countries, disrupting economies and personal lives. Because the disease has such a major impact, Stop Aids Now tries to help find solutions at all levels. Collaboration is desperately needed, no organization can tackle this disease alone, which is why Stop Aids Now (which is itself a partnership) works together with numerous organizations in various countries. AIDS and poverty are closely related. That is why development aid and the fight against AIDS go hand in hand. Short- and long-term assistance is provided. Immediate help for victims of HIV/AIDS, as well as prevention and information, are of great importance. Because HIV/AIDS is so drastic, the usual solutions often do not work, which is why innovative methods are being sought. Extra attention is currently being paid to caring for children and supporting women and girls. Campaigns in the Netherlands, fundraising and political awareness are of great importance in all of this. The good news is that the fight against AIDS is working, successes are being achieved. But someone is still infected with HIV every 12 seconds, so the battle is far from won.


Stop AIDS Now focuses mainly on women, young people and children. An important aspect is the care of victims of HIV/AIDS. In many countries, infection means expulsion. Shelter can mean home care and, at a later stage, care in a home or hospital. Pregnant women who are infected are given AIDS inhibitors that reduce the risk of infection for the child. Children who are infected are cared for and receive education. AIDS orphans receive financial support and care within the family is sought. AIDS inhibitors are often hardly available in the developing world. Stop Aids Now strives to make AIDS inhibitors available worldwide, so that all victims of the disease receive what they are entitled to.


HIV/AIDS mainly affects the generation that is economically active. Victims of the diseases almost always leave behind a family with children. Stop Aids Now provides micro-credits to people with HIV/AIDS, so they can keep their heads above water. Employees with HIV are treated so they can stay active and care for themselves and their families.


The most important way to prevent HIV/AIDS is education. In many countries it is very bad. Sexuality is a taboo and HIV/AIDS even more so. Many Stop Aids Now projects focus on so-called Life Skills programs , which emphasize sex education and the development of important skills. Young people learn to say no to unsafe sex. Future plans are also discussed. Information is the most important way to prevent new infections.
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