Healthier exercise!

Healthy exercise is important for every person to go through life without too many physical complaints. What should you do to live and exercise healthily? Will your body really benefit from exercising more? A healthy lifestyle is very important in life, this will give you more energy.

What is good for your health?

Exercise is always good for your body, as long as it doesn’t go too extreme. On the other hand, exercise does not always have to be sport. Cycling to your destination instead of by car, dancing and a brisk walk are activities that will keep you in good shape. So good for your health! If you exercise healthily, you are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease, diabetes, muscle pain and obesity. Your lifestyle is also extremely important. Not smoking, minimal alcohol consumption and a healthy diet help maintain stable health. Research has also shown that a number of cancers (including breast and colon cancer) are less likely to occur if you exercise more. So in short:

  • Walk and cycle more to your destination.
  • Make more use of old-fashioned equipment, such as a hand lawn mower instead of an electric lawn mower.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator more often.
  • Do abdominal exercises more often.
  • Exercising twice a week is a good average.
  • An average of half an hour of exercise per day is sufficient.


How do you get rid of those stitches in your side?

What you often see when running, for example, is that you can get stitches in your side. It is not entirely clear where these stitches come from and what their causes are. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent these stings.
To prevent stitches in your side you can:

  • Breathe deeply while running.
  • Do abdominal exercises regularly.
  • Do not exercise or run if you have just eaten or drunk.
  • Build up your training slowly.


Healthy exercise: How do you keep it up?

If you have been exercising healthily all this time, suddenly the holidays are just around the corner or that fun party week. After such holidays, new agreements are always quickly made with yourself regarding your body and your health. But whether you can keep it up is always the question. There are ways to maintain this better, for example choose a sport that you really enjoy doing.

Tips to ensure that healthy exercise becomes and remains fun.

  • Do not exercise too fanatically, so that you no longer have contact with the outside world.
  • Start slowly and build up slowly. Don’t exhaust yourself completely.
  • Involve your family and friends in your New Year’s resolutions so that they can encourage you.
  • Don’t make it a competition that you have to win, sports should remain fun.
  • Drink enough water before, during and after exercise.
  • Stick to a fixed day(s) and time during the week so that it becomes routine.
  • Try to add variety to your sport so that it remains fun.
  • If you skip a day, don’t double up on exercises on another day.
  • Exercising with someone else can be very motivating.


No time for sports?

Many people simply cannot keep up with exercising, which can indeed be a good excuse. Another reason may be that people simply do not have time to practice a sport. Of course, this should not be an excuse! Numerous movements can also be devised for this, such as:

  • Take a brisk walk during your lunch break.
  • Housekeeping and gardening also use energy.
  • Take the stairs more often
  • Take your bike to as many destinations as possible.
  • You can also cycle to work, even if only for 1 day a week.
  • If you take the tram, get off a few stops earlier and go for a walk.


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