Remove your wrinkles with laser therapy

Removing wrinkles has never been easier. One of the best methods to do this is through laser therapy. There are different types of treatments depending on your budget and needs.

What is laser therapy?

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. With this treatment, a pure form of light energy is generated in a process in which electrons are stimulated to release photons (light particles). This light consists of only one wavelength. These wavelengths are determined by the electrons in the laser medium. This medium can be a gas (Argon or carbon dioxide), a liquid (paint) or a solid (ruby, alexandrite). What is typical for the laser is that the light beams run parallel and therefore do not diverge as is the case with other light sources.
Since the 1980s, laser therapy has been used in dermatology to address various problems: permanent hair removal, removal of scars and tattoos, etc.

Three ways to remove wrinkles

Non-invasive laser therapy

Both V Beam , N Lite and V Star belong to the non-invasive laser therapy type. The laser punctures the smallest blood vessels, releasing substances that promote the production of connective tissue and collagen.
They are less powerful than the other lasers and are therefore especially suitable for treating fine to medium wrinkles around the mouth. On the other hand, there are virtually no side effects. The face is presentable again immediately after the treatment. The effect of the therapy lasts up to one year.

Semi-invasive laser therapy

These are lasers of the CO2 resurfacing or Fraxel type . With this type of laser, the epidermis is evaporated layer by layer. Only twenty percent of the skin surface needs to be treated. The remaining eighty percent respond to the microscopic wounds by producing collagen and connective tissue so that they can repair the damage suffered. The existing connective tissue strands contract in such a way that the skin is pulled smooth. Irregularities such as pigment spots and scars also disappear.

Invasive laser therapy

The third laser is the Erbium type . It peels the skin at a submicroscopic level and is therefore especially suitable for a severely damaged and wrinkled face. The treatment is very powerful and the face needs at least ten days to heal. The redness can even last for several months.

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