Overstressed test: When are you overstressed?

Unfortunately, it is increasingly common these days for people to become overstressed by work or personal circumstances. But how do you know if you have a burnout? How do you know when you are indeed stressed? What are the symptoms of stress? With this simple burnout test you can quickly find out whether you are overstressed, burned-out or whether there is something else going on with you. You can also read tips here about what to do if you are indeed stressed.

What is burnout or stress?

A burnout is actually the same as being overstressed, it is a new name for the same feeling that you feel completely exhausted, exhausted and no longer able to carry out your normal activities. Usually you no longer have any interest or energy to do that. It really just all stops. It is still not clear why some people burn out and others do not. Stress occurs more often in people who feel too responsible and in people who fail to recognize and respond to alarm signals of over-fatigue in their own body in time.

What is the cause of stress?

Research in this area shows conflicting results when it comes to the causes of stress and burnout. Negative comments, long-term stress in a personal or business environment, self-effacement, sensitivity and a sense of responsibility are in any case factors that can contribute to burnout. Very often there have been signals for a long time that things are not going well, but someone does not respond to them, for example by taking rest, looking for another job or looking for other ways to remove the cause of the stress in time.

When are you stressed?

Being overstressed is more than just tired. And burnout is more than being exhausted. People with burnout are often completely exhausted and can no longer engage in activity from one moment to the next. Someone who is overstressed also feels touchy and depressed. You can deny for a long time that you are heading towards stress and that does not make things any better. It is therefore important that you know which signs indicate an impending burnout, so that you can respond in time and prevent worse in the near future.

What are the main symptoms of burnout or stress?

There are several signs that you are starting to become overstressed or heading for burnout:

  • Fatigue and a feeling of being exhausted that does not get better after a night’s sleep or after the weekend
  • Every day feels like a “bad day”
  • You feel unhappy and can no longer carry out your normal work or obligations
  • You try to postpone difficult things and fill your day with menial tasks that can actually wait
  • You feel helpless and unmotivated
  • You suffer from physical symptoms of fatigue (headache, back pain, muscle pain) and feel irritable
  • You notice that you worry more, lie awake and feel unappreciated or useless


A positive test and therefore overstressed? What now?

When you have a burnout, you really have to take action. You cannot work temporarily, but you must ensure emotional and physical rest. That’s annoying, but that’s the way it is. It is also advisable to talk to a psychologist or someone from corporate social work within the company. Your GP can also refer you to someone who can help you tackle your burnout. It is also important that when you are stressed, you work towards changes in your lifestyle that will ensure that this does not happen again in the future.

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