The ten right basics (clothing and accessories)

A wardrobe is not complete without the right basics. Choose basic, quality clothing so that your outfits look neat and tidy. Because these basic pieces of clothing are timeless, you can wear them for all kinds of occasions: from a job interview to a party. You can combine these ten basic items with almost anything for any occasion. In addition to the basic clothing, you can also purchase some basic accessories to complete your look.

The ten right basic clothing items

1. Well-fitting bra and underwear (skin-colored and black)

You always feel good with well-fitting underwear. Skin-colored underwear is useful under white clothing or clothing with a high translucency (think frivolous tops and dresses). Black underwear looks classy under a black dress, for example. Actually, you can’t go wrong with black underwear.

2. Fitted black jacket

You can quickly throw on a black jacket when it’s cold and it goes with everything. This is a real must-have!

3. White blouse

The white blouse is very useful for formal occasions. You wear the white blouse to work with a skirt, to a job interview with trousers and it also fits perfectly with your favorite jeans.

4. White T-shirt

In other words, the plain white tee. Very suitable to wear in your spare time with jeans or to work under a blazer. Then buy the sleek version.

5. Plain tank top in black (preferably also in white and gray)

For under a sweater that falls just too low. In the summer you can simply wear the tank top with your jeans and add some nice necklaces and your outfit is complete.

6. Black trousers

Handy to wear at work, because it is always neat. Or to a party with an exciting top.

7. Well-fitting jeans

Invest in jeans that enhance your figure and fit well.

8. Plain cardigan in a flattering color

A cardigan is easy to take with you when it is chilly outside. Choose a color that highlights your own skin tone. Or go for dark blue that gives an elegant look.

9. Little black dress

Better buy a simple version of the little black dress. You can combine a simple black dress endlessly.

10. Black pencil skirt

Can be combined the same as the black trousers, although a pencil skirt is of course a bit sexier.

The ten right accessories

1. The classic watch

Classic watch / Source: Nuzree, Pixabay

Always beautiful and chic. You can choose between all kinds of types. There are wide watches and narrow ones. Or are you more into gold than silver? Buy a watch that appeals to you the most.

2. Pearl necklace

Everyone knows that a pearl necklace immediately gives your outfit a chic look. Nowadays you not only have pearl necklaces in white, but also in light pink, mint green, gray. Choose a color that you like best.

3. Simple stud earrings

In silver or gold. What you wear the most. Or buy pearl studs that match your pearl necklace. Looks very elegant!

4. Large sunglasses

The large sunglasses to make you feel like a celebrity. Avoid buying a cheap one that will only last one summer.

5. Beautiful scarf

A scarf immediately brightens up a boring outfit. They come in all kinds of colors, prints, fabrics and there are short scarves and long ones. A short scarf tied diagonally at the neck looks trendy. And a long woolen scarf is of course nice and warm in the winter.

6. Good boots

And by that I don’t mean Uggs, but a nice leather or suede version. A tight boot with a stiletto heel looks very sexy over jeans or under a skirt with tights in winter.

7. Classic pumps

Large sunglasses / Source: Ana J, Pixabay

Choose a closed version or an open toe pump. The open toe pump is very beautiful in the summer with lacquered toes. You can also wear the open toe pump in winter with tights.

8. Flats

For a change with your pumps, so that your feet also have a day of rest. When it gets colder, you can still wear the flats with a panty sock.

9. Black belt

Very useful if your trousers sag a bit. Moreover, a black belt goes with everything. Nowadays the belt is not just for your trousers. You can also wear the belt around your waist with a loose-fitting blouse, so that you create some waist.

10. Beautiful handbag

Choose a nice leather variant. And go for a color that matches the rest of your accessories. For example, if you have gray pearl studs and a gray scarf, then also choose a gray handbag.

Statement accessories and clothing items

In addition to the basic clothing and accessories, you can buy striking accessories that spice up your outfit. In addition to your basic wardrobe, striking pieces of clothing are also nice.

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