Sauna: peeping toms, too hot, dirty: misunderstandings

Sauna: there are people who love it, and there are people who don’t want to think about it. But if that is due to misunderstandings, then that’s a shame. Because it stops you from going for the first time and therefore deprives you of the opportunity to enjoy a day of sauna and get a taste for it. Below we look at the most important misunderstandings and what it really is like:

  • Only beautiful, slim people come, and I stand out and am looked at
  • I don’t dare walk around naked in front of everyone
  • As a woman I can’t go alone, men will bother me
  • Couples are intimate in the sauna
  • The water is dirty because everyone bathes in the same water
  • A sauna is too hot for me
  • It’s a matter of trying it out


Only beautiful, slim people come, and I stand out and am looked at

If you have never been to a sauna, you may think that all sauna visitors are slim, as (unfortunately) even the sauna commercials on TV and in the magazines show. You fear that you will look very out of place, and you are also naked, so extra vulnerable and every ounce of excess will be mercilessly visible. People will look at you and disapprove of you. Nothing could be further from the truth! Especially in the sauna you will meet people of all shapes and sizes . Big, small, fat, thin. But also people who are missing an arm or a leg. Or being temporarily bald or missing a breast. All of this is certainly no reason not to go, nor is it a reason for a sauna to refuse you.

I don’t dare walk around naked in front of everyone

This doesn’t have to stop you either. First of all, you certainly don’t have to walk around naked. In the sauna, visitors who walk from one sauna to the other will usually have a large towel wrapped around them. or wearing their bathrobe . So there is no need to walk around naked. There are people who do it because they don’t feel it necessary to cover themselves. If you continue to have difficulty, consider attending a swimwear day . Some saunas have these in their program.

As a woman I can’t go alone, men will bother me

That is also not true in principle. As long as you don’t pose a challenge, there is nothing wrong. In fact, it works just like it does in everyday life, on the street. It may be that it is at most a reason for someone to have a chat with you, but not to try to make an appointment with you. Sauna goers are out for their own relaxation and enjoyment, it is not a meeting place . So you can go to the sauna alone as a woman (or man). If you want to relax, this can be a reason to go alone. You don’t have to talk to anyone and you can really relax and unwind and you can also take a nice nap in the relaxation room. If you still have trouble, you can find a sauna that has a special women’s day , usually a fixed day a week on which only women are welcome. Please note: the undersigned’s experience is that on a special women’s day there is more talking in the various rooms than on a mixed day, which can also be disturbing!

Couples are intimate in the sauna

This is something that is strictly prohibited in any sauna. A sauna is absolutely not intended for being intimate with your partner or others. If the staff notices, you will receive a serious warning or be immediately asked to leave the sauna. If you notice it as a visitor, you can also report it to the staff, who will certainly intervene. It’s really not done!

The water is dirty because everyone bathes in the same water

If you have no trouble swimming in a public swimming pool, you don’t have to shy away from a sauna visit. Both are subject to strict national legal regulations that they must comply with. Many saunas also take extra hygiene measures.

A sauna is too hot for me

A sauna is basically hot. This has a healthy effect on the human body. A sauna bath provides more resistance, compare it with the effect of an attack of fever. In both cases, the body temperature is raised to such an extent that viruses and infections are killed. But if you quickly suffer from heat, choose a sauna that offers different temperatures. A larger sauna can have rooms from 50 to 100 degrees . You may experience less heat or shortness of breath in a steam bath (moist heat) or in a herbal bath (herbal vapor). Choose a larger sauna and try out what you like and what you don’t. Personal preference certainly plays a role.

It’s a matter of trying it out

After reading all this, you might still consider a sauna visit. That is very sensible, because it is best to just try it out. Then you can decide whether you enjoyed it and will do it more often, or whether it will remain just this one time. Hopefully it will be the former. For many, a sauna visit is a wonderful day out, relaxing, eating good food, getting a massage and much more. Have fun!

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