Beautiful hair with the straightener and curling iron

You have medium to long hair and want to add variety to your hairstyle, the straightener and curling iron give you endless options.


hairdresser about once every six weeks to have their hair cut and restyled. When you just come from the hairdresser, it fits nice and smoothly and it seems oh so easy to get it that way yourself. Nothing could be further from the truth, in a week your hair has grown so much that the pattern starts to fall out again. This is less the case with short hair than with medium to long hair. What can you do to create a little variety in your hairstyle ?

Curling iron

The curling iron has been around for a long time. The use of the curling iron was very popular about 30 years ago. Various models have been developed since then. There are now tongs on which you can attach a curling brush and you can opt for electric curling irons, curling irons on gas cartridges (for travel) and rechargeable curling irons.
The curling iron is a device with a round shape, with a kind of clamp. After switching on the device, it becomes warm. You roll your hair around the curve and the clamp holds the hair. Hold the curling iron in the hair for about 40 seconds, then gently unroll the lock . Now the heat of the device has created a curl in the hair . Continue in this way until your entire hair is a bunch of loose curls .

The style song

If you don’t want curls, you can use the hair straightener . The hair straightener has become especially popular in recent years. The hair straightener works on electricity. Rechargeable hair straighteners are now also available.
The hair straightener is a device consisting of two plates linked together. After switching on the device, it becomes warm. You clamp a strand of hair between the two plates and slowly glide through your hair, from the top to the end of your hair. Now the heat of the device has created a straight lock of hair. Continue straightening your hair by treating each section of hair one by one.


  • By alternating between using the curling iron and the straightener at other times, you can give your hairstyle a different look each time.
  • Do not keep the curling iron and straightener in the hair for too long, as this can damage it! Also make sure you have a good brand of tongs, they will never get so hot that they burn your hair.
  • Do not use the hair straightener and/or curling iron too often, hairdressers recommend no more than once a week. Your hair can become damaged and/or dry out if you use it too frequently. Most people can use the pliers more than once, but caution is important.
  • After straightening or curling your hair, use a hairspray to set the hair.
  • If you want your hair straight , using shampoo or conditioner that makes the hair extra straight can help even more.


Other solutions for straight or curly hair

If you have curly hair but want it straight, you can have your hair straightened at the hairdresser . This can be kept for a longer period of time. If you have straight hair but want curls , you can go to the hairdresser for a perm. You can also run rollers in wet hair and let it dry (water wave). There are also curl sets available that also work with heat (Carmenset).

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