Osteoarthritis-Joint pain

Osteoarthritis – Joint pain. Herbal homeopathy has a medicine with an analgesic effect that has been demonstrated and comparable to that of painkillers such as paracetamol and acetylsalicylate.

What is osteoarthritis?

One of the most common joint disorders is osteoarthritis or joint wear and tear. Due to wear and tear, cartilage is lost and the joint changes in structure. This causes bone parts to rub against each other and joints lose their structure and functionality. Bone growths, inflammation and fluid retention may occur. This causes pain and restrictions in movement.
Osteoarthritis is a normal process of the joints as soon as there is underload on a joint or a lack of loading on the entire cartilage surface. The result is a reduction in cartilage in the joints. Osteoarthritis is often spoken of as ‘wear and tear’ of the joints, but this description is in fact incorrect; Both bone and cartilage are living tissues with cells that remain actively involved in the functioning of the tissue.

Pain from osteoarthritis

The pain from osteoarthritis often progresses very gradually. Often incidental in the beginning, but over time these complaints become increasingly worse and mainly manifest themselves after exercise. As the osteoarthritis progresses, the pain will also increase and will eventually be constant.

How does osteoarthritis develop?

Constant overload due to sports, heavy physical work, but also incorrect posture increases the risk of osteoarthritis.
Excess weight can also play an important role, as can trauma. Of course there is also the hereditary factor. Finally, other conditions/diseases that cause inflammation in the joints can also lead to osteoarthritis


Conservative treatment of osteoarthritis has two main goals: relieving pain and preserving function.
In some cases, this can be resolved by replacing joints with prostheses.

Pain relief through medicines

Paracetamol is usually started first, up to a maximum dose of 4 grams per day for adults. If this does not solve the problem, an NSAID can be given, such as ibuprofen or diclofenac. In addition, NSAIDs are also given for their anti-inflammatory effect if there is irritation of the joint

Pain relief through plant-based homeopathy

In herbal homeopathy, Euphorbia pilulifera mother tincture (belonging to the spurge family) is used as a painkiller for osteoarthritis and joint pain.

The active components of the plant

The plant contains gall nuts, catechins, tannins, phenolic acids, flavonides, amino acids and minerals. Alcohols are NOT present.

The functioning of the plant

This plant has long been known in native African folk medicine. It has numerous therapeutic indications. Scientific research has confirmed, among other things, its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative properties. Pharmacological experiments have mainly shown a central analgesic effect comparable to those analgesics such as paracetamol and acetylsalycilate (from lysine). Tolerance research has proven that with 50 to 75 drops of mother tincture per day there is no risk of intoxication (poisoning) in humans.


  • For rheumatic pain: osteoarthritis and joint pain
  • Take 50 to 75 drops of mother tincture in a large glass of water daily

tincture can also be used for headaches and migraines . 50 to 75 drops of mother tincture per day.

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