Surrogacy in the Netherlands

Surrogate mothers want to make big money by illegally giving up children in the Netherlands. A small piece about surrogate mothers, the illegal and legal methods of surrogacy. Surrogate mothers are often seen as a last resort by couples who want to have children. This applies not only to couples whose wives are infertile, but also to gay couples who wish to have children. Adoption is often impossible for childless couples to have a child due to strict rules and enormous waiting lists. Moreover, the chance that you will have a newborn baby is extremely small. That is why many childless couples look for a surrogate mother if there is no one around them who wants to be a surrogate mother. But there are also considerable disadvantages to surrogacy.
People who offer themselves as surrogate mothers do this almost exclusively from a commercial point of view. They want to get big money for it. They place advertisements on the Internet where they present themselves. It often also states that they mainly do it because they want to give others the happiness of children. But there is no one who would do this without getting paid handsomely. Although paid surrogacy is prohibited in the Netherlands, it still happens regularly. Offering to be a surrogate mother for money or even mediating in this has been a criminal offense since 1993.

Card fraud

Card fraud is becoming increasingly common. Not just with illegal surrogacy. It is also common among illegal immigrants who require medical treatment. They go to the hospital with someone else’s card and are treated under a different name. Illegal surrogate mothers do exactly the same. They use the card of the intended mother to register with a midwifery practice so that the birth can be given in the name of the intended mother and the baby is therefore immediately registered in the name of the intended parents.

How does surrogacy work?

The official route

  • The intended parents and surrogate mother make an appointment, the surrogate mother then goes through the pregnancy and gives birth.
  • the surrogate mother must then apply to the Child Protection Board and apply for exemption from parental authority.
  • the judge relies on a special clause; If the surrogate mother acts for idealistic reasons, she will be released from authority
  • Prospective parents take care of the child and are allowed to adopt the child after 1 year and are then legally the parents.


The illegal route

  • surrogate mother goes through the pregnancy and delivery on the card of the intended mother.
  • Midwives rarely ask for identification and notes, so the name of the intended mother is on the papers.
  • the intended parent reports the birth to the registry office. The child is registered directly in the name of the intended parents.


Not a leg to stand on.

It often happens that a baby is sold several times illegally. The surrogate mother therefore collects money several times for one baby. Only one couple can have the child, so she tells the other intended parents that she has had a miscarriage, or that she no longer wants to give up the child. Often the address and telephone number are no longer correct, meaning they can no longer be reached. As prospective parents, you no longer have a leg to stand on. You have been cheated out of a lot of money and you can’t even take it to the police or judge because they were also doing it illegally.

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