Facial skin care

The skin on your face is delicate and although we are increasingly using day and night creams, the cleansing of the face sometimes leaves much to be desired and still lags far behind the “normal” cleansing of the body. Strange, because the skin of the face is much more sensitive to all kinds of influences than the rest of the body. Cleansing is therefore extremely important to maintain the skin in all age categories.

All skin types in a row

Dry skin

Dry skin produces few skin oils, therefore loses moisture and feels tight. Your skin gets a matte appearance and becomes flaky quickly. Dry skin is thinner, rougher, more sensitive to weather influences and ages quickly.
The solution lies in hydration and cleaning with soft materials. A moisturizing day cream, possibly combined with a night cream. Use a gentle cleansing milk and lotion for cleaning. Be careful with scrubs.
The eye make-up remover is in principle separate from a line, but can be combined with the brand of your facial cleanser. Be careful whether you opt for waterproof mascara or without.

Normal skin

We call skin that looks fresh with barely visible pores, correct skin tension and good moisture and acidity as normal. But to keep normal skin optimal, it cannot do without care. A mild day/night cream as well as cleansing is sufficient. An occasional scrub and mask is good for the skin. Buy product in the same line as cleaning products.

Combination skin

We call the skin mixed if you often suffer from an oily T-zone (the area of your forehead, nose and chin) and it is sometimes shiny, but the rest of your skin is normal. You have to try to restore the balance with your care, but this is more difficult because of the combination. The T-zone needs to be purified, but the rest of the skin needs mild care. There are special day creams for combination skin. The cleansing for combination skin is also tailored to the combination of oily areas and normal facial skin. An occasional facial scrub and mask is a blessing for the face, but take it in line with the other products.

Fat skin

Oily skin is characterized by coarse and sometimes clogged pores and impurities. Sometimes irritated and the chance of blackheads or pimples is high. The skin is clearly out of balance and is caused by excess sebum production, compromised acidity, possibly a lack of moisture, etc. The balance must therefore be restored and the skin soothed. To maintain a nice effect when you put on make-up, a day cream with a mattifying effect is desirable. The combination of these products can be found in the specialty store. Cleansing the skin is also important. The skin must be able to breathe sufficiently. A facial scrub in the same line as the cleaning products is highly recommended. Exfoliate regularly.

Mature skin

The lines on the face deepen and the elasticity of the skin decreases. Elastin and collagen, which are naturally produced in the skin, decrease and thus the elasticity and firmness of the skin. There are special products on the market for mature skin to keep the skin as optimal as possible. You can slow down aging, but you can’t stop it, and that’s not necessary. But there is nothing wrong with creating beautiful mature skin with a little help.

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