Does each of us have a Guardian Angel?

Some people still believe in miracle stories that are still told and experienced today, but are they always based on truth? Some people may have difficulty believing in this and may be skeptical about it. However, according to spiritual authors and disembodiments, Angels really exist and each of us on this earth has a ‘Guardian Angel’.

What is a Guardian Angel?

A Guardian Angel is a subtle spiritual high-ranking Soul who has passed on to the Higher Spheres from where it has been instructed to guide and protect us people on this earth. This experienced Soul will do everything possible to protect our Soul and also our body against all harm. This makes us wiser and is a learning experience for us. But then we must be willing to believe in it and listen to it. Reincarnated Souls with heavy karma usually have at least two to guide them in heavy tasks.
Angels act as contact persons between heaven and earth. They protect us from evil. (The word angel comes from Greek and means messenger).

What is a high ranking Soul?

A high-ranking Soul is a Soul that has passed on to the Higher Spheres to carry out an assignment and thus becomes a Guardian Angel.

What are Higher Spheres?

Higher Spheres are multiple layers of Heavenly Glory where a person can end up after his life.

What is an assignment?

An assignment is to help someone on earth through severe setbacks and trials.

What is guiding?

Guiding means protecting people from all disasters and contradictions.

What is listening?

Listening is first and foremost believing and trying to understand.

Can we see our Guardian Angel?

Guardian angels rarely show themselves. They make themselves heard or felt through their subtlety. Because they no longer possess a physical body and reside in a different sphere, they are not always able to show themselves on this earth.
By having a positive attitude and at the same time being receptive to the spiritual, the Higher Consciousness will enable us to solve our problems. Through intuitive hunches we will learn everything we need at that particular moment.
This can also be useful in rescue from danger. In the event of danger, our guardian angel will inform us intuitively just in time. That is why it is important to listen to your intuition.

How can we sense our Guardian Angel?

An encounter with a Guardian Angel gives a wonderful feeling of peace, security and safety, it gives comfort and hope. They have a loving and confidential appearance.
They are always willing to accompany us on sometimes difficult paths of our karma. Most people meet their Guardian Angel in difficult times. When the need is greatest, help is at hand.

Good advice for needy Souls

  • Believe in your qualities and talents!
  • Keep peace and tranquility!
  • Listen to your intuition!
  • Radiate love and friendship!
  • Respond to the voice of your heart!
  • Trying to receive messages!
  • Maintain positive thoughts!
  • To want to be receptive to soul wisdom!
  • Keeping peace and loving things or memories!
  • By being happy. Make yourself lucky!
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