Quit smoking – This can help you

What smoker has never thought about quitting smoking? These instructions and manuals will make it easier for the smoker to give up cigarettes. Maybe this time it will work!

What can one expect when quitting smoking?

When one smokes, one breathes nicotine into the lungs. The nicotine is then absorbed into the blood and enters the brain and other parts of the body. The body gets used to the nicotine in the system. Once the body adapts to the presence of nicotine, it will respond when one stops smoking. This reaction is called nicotine withdrawal.
Once one stops smoking, the body will repair itself. As the body works to get rid of the nicotine, one may experience some or all of the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

They include:

  • mood swings
  • changes in sleep patterns
  • changes in eating habits
  • craving for nicotine

Other symptoms may include:

  • itchy hands or feet
  • constipation, gas or stomach pain
  • coughing or dry mouth
  • dizziness or headache


These tips will make it easier to quit smoking

Do not doubt! One must believe that one can give up the cigarette. Remember the things one has already achieved in life. Get the motivation here to take on this challenge.
The people closest to the addict must respect the decision. Perhaps they can also be informed that the ex-smoker will be a little more irritable than usual in the near future.
Throw a farewell party or a symbolic undertaking at the time of retirement.
Ask a doctor for support and information if you are considering giving up cigarettes. The doctor may be able to offer additional aids, you will probably receive nicotine patches that are fully reimbursed.
Exercise is always good for circulation and mood. Go for a walk outside a few times a week or follow a training schedule at a fitness center. It is also important to keep yourself busy. Boredom will increase the craving for tobacco.
If you really need a cigarette, you can do breathing exercises. It is similar to yoga. But simply breathing deeply in and out a few times can also do wonders.
Perhaps one could consider hypnosis or self-hypnosis. For this you need to see a specialist. The idea is that people introduce themselves as a non-smoker. One imagines that someone wants to offer a cigarette and that one simply responds as a non-smoker.
It is probably a good idea, if you want to slowly stop smoking, to give the cigarettes to another person so that you have to beg and beg again and again to light up a stick.
It is also possible to quit smoking in a group . People will often find support in times of difficulty. This method is regularly used and has a real chance of success. Visit the
dentist once and enjoy the fresh mouth you now have. Try to keep it that way. Excessive cleaning of the teeth can also reduce the urge for a cigarette.

Reward yourself at certain times when you have stopped smoking. Treat yourself to a meal, buy something they like, or after a year you might even be able to plan a trip. This will be a great incentive.
Stay away from cafes or places where it is very tempting for a smoker to light up a cigarette.
Try putting a blade of grass or a toothpick in your mouth. This can give you a surprisingly full feeling.
Remember that one stops not only for oneself but also for one’s loved ones . Maybe it’s a good idea to take a photo of them with you every time you think about a cigarette.
And regularly think about how much money you can save by giving up smoking.
Good luck!

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