Alcohol addiction treatment: addiction clinic

If you are addicted to alcohol and want to kick the habit, alcohol addiction treatment in one of the many rehab clinics in our country is a good idea. Alcohol addiction treatment in an addiction clinic helps you get through the first difficult period of withdrawal.

What is an addiction clinic?

An addiction clinic is a space specially set up to provide alcohol addiction treatment to alcohol addicts. First and foremost, attention is paid to and assistance is provided with detoxification, or alcohol detox . The alcohol detox can have serious mental and physical consequences. That is why the alcohol detox is often done in one of the rehab clinics, after which we look further. Choosing alcohol addiction treatment is a big step towards a clean life!
After the alcohol detox in one of the rehab clinics, a step-by-step plan for complete alcohol withdrawal will be drawn up together with the counselors of the addiction clinic. After all, one should not only temporarily abstain from alcohol, but stay clean. There are various addiction clinics that can help with this.

Alcohol addiction treatment: outpatient or inpatient?

There are roughly two types of drug rehab centers in addiction care: outpatient and inpatient. The difference between inpatient and outpatient is that with the first form of treatment you stay internally in the clinic and therefore also eat, sleep and actually live there. With outpatient care , you come to the rehab clinic on your own for treatment and return to your own home after treatment. Which form of treatment is most suitable for you depends mainly on the severity of your complaints and your motivation.

Alcohol addiction treatment: treatment techniques

In the addiction clinic or rehab center you will come into contact with various treatment methods and techniques. These treatment techniques are mainly aimed at anticipating reuse and relapse .


With this technique, the client is asked to identify and name stimuli or factors that are associated with high-risk situations. Environmental factors, cognitive strategies and physiological changes often play a major role in this. This includes the time of use, the presence or absence of others, a brief sketch of the situation, the state of mind and the context of the situation.

Response strategy

In high-risk situations, a behavioral analysis can provide a lot of insight into suitable and less suitable responses to the situation. If an adequate response is absent, one can analyze why it is absent or not yet present. One can also look at how existing adequate responses can be expanded and optimized.

Knowledge of long-term and excessive drinking

When one has been ‘clean’ for a while, it can happen that the negative and harmful effects of alcohol are forgotten and extinguished. That is why we regularly consider the consequences of alcohol abuse , including in the longer term.

Cognitive restructuring

Many addicted people have low self-confidence, poor self-image and little self-reflection. Through cognitive restructuring, the client is taught how to deal with relapses and tempting situations . One learns to see “failure” as a learning situation and to recognize the next potential relapse more quickly so that one can respond to it more adequately.

Alcohol addiction treatment: costs of admission to the addiction clinic

The costs of treatment internally in a rehab clinic are extremely high. However, more and more insurers seem willing to cover (part of) the costs. Otherwise, the costs of the treatment will unfortunately have to come out of your own pocket. But realize that such an investment could be the best of your life!

Alcohol addiction treatment: after the addiction clinic

After your treatment, you will not simply be kicked out the door and have to manage on your own. No, you are supported by an aftercare program that is gradually reduced until you think you can handle it all yourself.


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