Beauty: eyes

The eyes reflect the soul, often the first attraction between two people is the eyes and eyes are literally our “viewers”. What more could you want, the eyes are very important in the overall picture. That is why there are all kinds of products on the market that make the eyes larger or more pronounced, give longer or fuller eyelashes, etc. A selection from the enormous range to accentuate the eyes. Almost all brands have all products in the pallet and of course there are quality differences, but not every expensive brand necessarily has better products.


In the complete picture of make-up, cleansing the skin in the morning and evening is a must. Before you rid your body of nightly perspiration in the shower, it is a good idea to cleanse your face with a special facial cleanser (pay attention to your skin type). These product lines usually also have a tonic-like lotion in their range to close the pores after cleansing. Clean the eyes with a separate eye cleanser (do not rub hard on this sensitive skin) and prepare for a shower. It takes no more than a few minutes. When cleaning, pay attention to whether or not you use waterproof make-up, there are various products on the market for this.
It is good to take a face mask once a week. This can also be done in the evenings when you take a nice bath or relax in some other way. There are many types of masks such as invigorating, soothing and cleansing masks.
Because the eyes are such an eye-catcher, it is good to take a good look at the shape of your eyes in advance and which colors match your eyes. Whatever make-up you use, make sure that you remain who you are with the eye make-up.


Start by considering whether you want to use waterproof or not waterproof mascara. If your eyes get wet quickly, waterproof mascara is almost a must, but there may also be other reasons to use waterproof mascara. There are slightly fewer types of waterproof mascara on the market than non-waterproof, but more than enough choice.
The natural colors brown and black are the most common. Brown keeps the face a little softer, but black makes it a little more expressive. So it’s very personal. Get good advice from the specialist store about the natural look and evening make-up.
Blue, green or purple is also possible and can be used for a distinctive make-up. Make sure you adjust the eye shadow carefully, otherwise it will quickly become unsightly.
Mascara can be applied more intensely in an evening make-up. The mascara must then be applied in several layers , but there are also mascaras that provide a lengthening effect. Do not apply too much force to the lashes at the bottom. Together with the upper lashes, this quickly gives a poppy effect.


Eyeliner is very personal, some people find it beautiful and others find it ugly. A subtle line on the edge of the eyelid and eyelash can give a sultry look. Together with smoke eye shadow above and below the eye, you also create smoke eyes. Not everyone has the right eyes for eyeliner. Therefore, seek professional advice or try it out.
You create a star eye make-up by putting a thicker line on the eyelid, but this must be done very carefully, otherwise it is very disfiguring. The eyeliner is generally applied in dark brown or black.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow really comes in every color you can imagine. Most brands also have boxes with multiple colors that you can use in combination, sometimes even very surprising combinations. With eye shadow, of course, pay attention to the color of your eyes, do you want to emphasize them or not, and the color of your clothes.
For example, a soft blue eye shadow can be perfectly combined with a ditto outfit, but if you also have blue eyes, realize that your eye color is not emphasized. If you want this, combine the blue suit with, for example, brown eye shadow.
Some shine under the eyebrow is also often applied, but if you have deep-set eyes, this will only be emphasized. So not an option for everyone. Always experiment with colors first before going out with a new color.
If you want to emphasize the cat’s eyes a little more, work on the outside of the eyelid with a slightly darker color that is applied diagonally (the outer lashes should also get a little more mascara).

Eye pencil

The eye pencil is used to draw in the eyebrow or to make the eye appear larger by drawing a line under the eye or on the edge (of the eyelash). Usually in dark brown or black, but
purple, dark blue or dark green is also used. In combination with the right eye shadow, it can give a playful effect.

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