Nice tips for decorating your baby room

You often think long and hard about the design of your baby room. After all, your baby deserves a beautiful room with beautiful furniture, accessories, bedding and much more. This article contains a number of tips and ideas to help you decorate your child’s room.

Before you get started…

It is useful to make a mood board . On a mood board you express all your ideas in the form of photos and images that you then stick on a piece of (large) cardboard. To collect pictures, you can look at magazines and brochures and cut out pictures of nursery furniture, nice accessories, beautiful wallpaper or just color ideas. When cutting out, do not pay attention to combinations of colors, for example, but only look at what you consider important for the atmosphere and design of the room. Put everything together and then sort by color or atmosphere and stick the most beautiful combinations on the piece of cardboard. You can then get started based on this mood board.
Make a map of your future children’s room and also cut out small drawings of the furniture you want to place. By placing the ‘furniture’ on the floor plan, you get a good idea of the layout and you can judge what would be most practical. This prevents dragging with the real furniture, which is great for your back and perhaps also for the floor.
When designing the bed, also take the safety of your baby into account , who will of course also grow into a toddler who will soon stand upright in bed. Do not place the crib too close to, for example, wall sockets or a hot radiator. Choose sturdy furniture and provide the wall sockets with security. You can also install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.
Ordering the baby room furniture is a big, exciting and fun step! However, be sure to look for the furniture on time , because some baby stores have very long delivery times. It is not unusual to have to wait twelve to fourteen weeks for the room. It may also happen that something goes wrong with the delivery, causing you to have to wait even longer. If you order on time, you have some flexibility in the delivery time. This prevents a lot of stress and let’s be honest, nothing is more fun than putting the furniture together and then swooning in the future children’s room.

Nice accessories complete your baby room

Although you may love a bright red wall, it may not be the most ideal color for your newborn to look at when he wakes up. Try to keep the baby room quiet , so that it also radiates peace for your child. With one or two (large) eye-catchers you can give the room that little bit extra. You can also put together some small matching accessories , such as some vases on the windowsill or a number of frames on the wall. Nowadays, mothers often use storage baskets . And logical, because they come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are not only a lot of fun, but also extremely practical. You can store all your things neatly in it. For example, choose a small basket on the shelf above the changing table, a larger model for the wardrobe and/or a large basket for baby laundry. The baskets are also often available in such sets.
If you want an exciting children’s room and don’t want to just go for white, you can buy accessories in contrasting colors . The use of brightly colored accessories makes them stand out even more. If you choose neutral colors, you will see that the atmosphere in the room is a lot more subdued.
One of the current trends is the use of photo frames on the wall. You often see the frames grouped together on the wall and a photo is no longer necessary these days. Use beautiful frames in different sizes and different color shades and hang them in such a way that they are not in one line with each other, but still form a neat whole. A real eye-catcher in your baby’s room, to which you can add your own personal touch. Wall stickers are
also a trend . Whatever atmosphere you want to create in your baby room, there is always a matching wall sticker. Every online store with children’s items now offers them and they are also very affordable. Does the children’s room have an empty wall and you don’t know what to fill it with? Then a wall sticker can offer a solution.
Finally, a truly romantic accessory; the rocking chair . Ideal for late nights and wonderfully comfortable for feedings, which take quite a bit of time, especially in the first weeks. You can sit comfortably and the fluctuations are also very nice for your baby, because this reminds him of his time in your womb. If necessary, place a table next to it with a table lamp and some space for some water for yourself.

Monitor the style of the furnishings

Beautiful decoration can complete your baby room. You have a wide choice of bedding, mosquito nets, curtains, storage, wall stickers, wallpaper, coat racks, lamps, clocks, paintings, chairs and mobiles. When choosing the decoration, choose a certain atmosphere that you want to create with the accessories and stick to it to keep the image calm.

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